Chapter XI

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Chapter XI
Your oufit:

You were walking on the street, you could hear people whispering and talking to each other's ears while looking at you

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You were walking on the street, you could hear people whispering and talking to each other's ears while looking at you. You
were gaining confidence from how they were talking about you, "Damn, she's pretty." A guy said, you mostly were flustered
at the start but then you were getting used from the compliments they have given you.

You were close to reach the madrigals house, but a boy was blocking your way. You almost bump him but your instinct stops
you from tripping over him, "Hey, baba grill" he said with a smirk on his face while he was leaning on the wall. You rolled
your eyes with disgust, you scoff as you continued walking.

He started to follow you without saying anything, you could see Camilio at the door way waving at you but then the guy who
was stalking you grabs your hip. You were now facing him, you were shock as you push him away, "WHAT THE HECK, MAN!
Don't touch me!" You shouted so that Dolores could hear you.

Dolores ran fast to see what was happening and so this guy grabbing your hip, "DONT TOUCH HER!" Dolores said as she ran
to you, she gesture to you to hide behind her to be safe and you went behind her. "I didn't do anything, she was doing it to
me." He said with his hand on the air, lying and blaming it to you but you got angry from what he said. You opened your
mouth to speak but Dolores slapped him in the face to teach him a lesson, he touch his cheeks from where he got slapped
while licking his lips and teeth from the pain. He chuckles as he say, " This is what you want, huh?" He scoff, he was about
to slap Dolores but you went in front of her and kick his face with your heels as he got knocked out.

"Oh my god, what's happening over there?" People mumble as they got closer to see the drama that was going on, camilio
approached you to check if you both were alright. "Are you guys, alright?" He asks, he had this proud but concerned look as
both of you said "We're fine." You left.

You went inside, but you whispered to Dolores "Is 'SHE' here?" You said as your eyes was exploring everywhere to check if she
was there. "No, but she visits-" Dolores got cut off, as Claudia shouts "I'm HERE~" your eyes twitch as you got annoyed from
hearing her voice cracks. "Ah, she's here." You thought to yourself as you turn around to see her, she looks at you and rolled
her eyes. "What are you doing here? You don't belong here." She said with her arms crossed. "Not my fault, Camilio invited
me over." You said with a smirk, she looks at Camilio with a stare. Camilio shrugs with a smirk, "Come on, let's go to my
room" He said, Claudia was flustered and was about to walk and hold Camilio hands. Camilio turns around to grab your hand
and walks to his room, Dolores smirks and follows both of you.

She was surprised as she screams, "Mom! They were rude to me!" she said while she cries. You all looked at each other and
blink, Camilio, you, and dolores quickly opens the door and got in. "Why are we here again?" You asked as you shut the door
before the mothers suspect anything, "I- I honestly don't know." Camilio said as he open the door a little to see what was  happening.

"Her family is here, y/n you have to impress Abuela right now." Dolores said, as she was leaning in camilio's back to see what was happening as well. "I have to go back." You said as you had a plan inside your mind, they look at you and close the door, "What for? And why?" Camilio asked. You immediately replied, "You'll see." You smirk, and got out the room. You slowly look side to side to not get caught, no one was there.

You were now at the street, you were walking but you were very focus in the road and you stop. You did a right turn and saw a green house, you knocked on the door and the door opened. It was revealing a girl with long hair and she looked at you and asked, "What do you want?" She scoff and rolled her eyes. "I need help." You smirked, she gags from disgust "Ew, don't do that you look horribly disgusting. Your ugly too." She said as she continues to 'gag' you slap her at the arm "WE'RE RELATED, DUMB ASS" She grunts from the pain, she gasp dramatically and replied. "That's not how you treat your sister! How dare you, and your manners!" She turns to her side and crossed her arms, you said "Can you just help me? I'll pay you." She looks at you with a smile. "Deal, what's your problem?" She asked, as she walks backward and gesture you to come in.

"Thank you." You walk like a duck as she laughs from how you walk, "HAHA! WHAT WAS THAT!" She laughs as she slaps her thigh as you gasp dramatically and turn around. "Do you want to money, or not?" You said as she apologize to you, she then close the door and walk to her living room. She sat down while you sat down as well, you explain the situation you were in and you really need help. She accepts to help you after begging her to, you smiled brightly as you kept on thanking her non-stop.



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