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Hey, guys. I won't be posting a lot, I have a lot of homework's but I can I write in my free time. I can't reply to your comments cause this wattpad keeps on saying "verify your wattpad acc" I tried and I didn't have any notifications in my gmail, then I tried to change my email into the real one and it said it's unknown.

I see your comments and I just wanna say is that i really like your reactions 🤣, I'll shoutout top 3 person who has commented in my stories and then the rest!

I hope I did it right- 💀 I'll also make dsmp stories after this~ 😏 I'm also gonna record myself getting terrified by The Baby In Yellow!! Hope y'all have a nice day, I also play roblox and I need help in discord.

I need someone to design my discord server so that you guys or people with discord can join and we can vibe, also if you guys wanna play with me (I play royale high, the mimic, flee the facility, bedwars)

User is YuuHanabi
Display name is Yoru

Tell your user in the comments so that I know that it is you, and that I can accept it. I also can't message for some reason like EIAHDIAHAKBA (in wattpad)

I also suck in pew pew games so be easy or I'll rage and throw everything. Bye bye my hanabees, thank you FOR 1k READERS we hit another milestone (that's what my friend call like goals)

Have Bruno's rat! 🐀 and some julieta's bread 🍞

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