Chapter II

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You woke up, it was Monday morning! You got up from bed and fix the bed, you went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. You sweep the floors and wash the dishes, you took a shower and change clothes.

You went outside with a basket, you walked across the street. You walked pass Camilio but you didn't notice, camilio called your name and ran to you. You turned around and saw him, "H-hey!" He said panting. "Hi!" You waved and smiled at him. You continue walking.

"Where are you going?" He said while walking with you, "I"m going to the big tree to harvest some apples." You pointed to the Big Tree at the forest. "Can I come?" He asked while walking backwards and you said "Sure!" You smiled.

After walking for a while, you both finally arrived to the tree. There was a lot of apples that were ripe, so you pick a lot of apples and put it inside the basket. Camilio helped you picking apples until the basket was full of apples, the basket got heavy.

You were carrying it with 2 hands, and was struggling but camilio helped. "are you alright, senorita?" He looked at you with a concerning look, you nod and said "Y-yeah" but you were blushing. You look at the other side so he doesn't see you smiling and blushing.

You both finally went back in town, "What are you doing with the apples?" Camilio asked. You said, "To sell." Camilio took one apple and check the apple, he grabbed a lot and payed. He left and waved goodbye, he said "See you later, senorita!" You smiled brightly and waved. You slowly get used to the nickname that he calls you.

Camilio's POV
I was buying some apples from a girl, named Y/N L/N. She was very beautiful, and kind. I left and waved goodbye, I said "Good bye, senorita!" I jumped in the air while waving to her. She smiled whenever I called her "senorita" and I found it very cute.

After buying apples from her, I went back home. I opened the door and saw Dolores at the her door, smirking at me. She then said "I know" and went to her room, I was flustered and went to the kitchen to put the apples.

I was eating in the kitchen, but Dolores kept on staring at me and talking to the person beside her. After Dolores talking to the person beside her the rumor was spreading, i was embarrassed.

They all were smiling and mocking me with "SeE yOu lAtEr, SeNoRiTa~"


Back to you:

You were laying in bed, thinking about camilio. His features and admiring them, you sigh and thought to yourself "He's cute.." you blushed as you roll side to side, hugging your pillow.

You felt butterflies flying in your stomach but you can't control yourself to stop thinking of him.

Camilio's POV:
I was thinking about Y/N, and her features that I admire the most. She has the long silky hair, which flows with the wind, she has the beautiful brown eyes that matches the rich soil, her smile that shines bright like the stars (oh wait they burn 😩 ifykyk)

I blushed while thinking about her, I hugged my pillow and rolled side to side. I smiled and blushed while thinking about her beauty and her kind personality, I think I found a goddess ( them rn :🥰 )

Author's Note!
Thank you, for 23 reads! I really appreciate it! It's my first time, I had my hopes down when I posted his I didn't know it was that good- like ya'll made me cryin 😭 anyways have a nice day 👍

Shout out to @siopmovixx did I write it right??

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