Chapter IV

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Chapter IV

Camilio noticed you walking down the street. "Y/N!" He said, hoping to pique your interest. You turned to him and waved. You
"Where you going?" Camilio questioned as he was walking you in the same direction, "I honestly don't know-" both of you ran to each other.
As he laughed, you said. You saw Dolores from afar, and you yelled, "DOLORES!" to grab her attention. She turns to look at you.

You grinned and waved at her, shocked, as she waved back.

"H-hi!" She waves back but she was shy so she ran away, "She is so pretty." you said but you realize that she hears what you
say from a distance. "Wanna hang-out with her?" Camilio asked and you said "Sure, I have nothing to do so." You shrug, you both
ran to her to catch up like little kids.

You both were behind dolores, sneaking behind her. She looked behind with a terrified reaction, "BOO!" She got scared and shouted,
She let go of the plate that she was holding and it shattered as it touch the ground. You all were shock as you see Abuela coming,
"Y/N! Go hide!" Dolores and camilio said together, you were confused but proceed to hide at the tree. "W-what does that mean?"
You thought to yourself, dolores and camilio got scold by abuela because they broke the plate. "How did this happened?!?!" Abuela
stated with a serious tone, they both were looking at the ground.

"I accidentally bump with dolores because i wasn't looking in the way." He said in a soft tone, "That didn't happen.. why are they
telling this lie?" You thought to yourself that something suspicous was going on, "Why are they protecting me?"

Abuela left and they went to get the broom, they were looking at the tree that you were hiding from. You got out and helped them
"I'm sorry, that this happened." You said as you felt bad because they took the blame and make sure that you won't get in
the trouble, "It's nothing." Dolores said.

{ After }
The three of you were at dolores room, talking about eachother and playing truth or dare. "Dolores, truth or dare." You asked
as you were ready with your questions and dares, "T-truth!" She said but she was scared from the upcoming question that she
has to answer. "Who do you like?" You asked with a smirk, camilio was also smirking. Dolores was flustered and not wanting to
tell her secret but she doesn't have a choice but to say the truth, "M-mariano.." You both gasped in a dramatic way. "Mariano as
ISABELLA'S BOYFRIEND?!?!" Camilio said as he couldn't believe, you didn't know who he was but was shocked from knowing it was
Isabella's boyfriend.

"Anyway's, Y/N! Truth Or Dare?" Dolores asked, changing the subject. You hesitate for a while thinking about the consequences that
will happen if you choose dare, but then if you pick truth, she will ask the same question. You sigh and said with no hesitation,"Truth."
She smirk, you and camilio was confused and was nervous for the question. "Who do you like?" She said holding a Uno Reverse Card,
"HOW DARE YOU!" You gasped in a dramatically, she nods with her eyes close as she knows how savage she is. "Fine, Camilio"
You said with no hesitation, She gasped and so does camilio. "I KNEW IT!" She proudly says, camilio was blushing red at the side
not speaking a word since he couldn't believe what you said.

(To be continued)

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