Chapter VII

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Chapter VIII

You and Maribel was following the rats to this painting, you both look at each other and then nod. You opened the painting
and there was a huge crack, you both were shock as you look behind you and went it. You saw the rat go to the dark area
and you see the glowing green glass as it went up, then a thunder reveals a mysterious guy. He has a green hood, you flinches
from the thunder so you didn't see him clearly. He ran away and both of you chased him, you were behind Maribel.
He was doing parkour as he swings from the stick to stick, there was no more stick so he was running. Maribel almost grabs
his cape and pulls him but he pulls his cape so that maribel won't grab it, he ran faster and hop in the plank since there was
an opening in the middle.

"Woah-!" You bump with her since she step back, you look at the side to see what is going on. You immediately got scared,
she jump on the planks and she made it but the plank below her cracks. "Aah!" She screamed as she was holding on a piece
of wood, "H-help! C-casita!! CASITA!" She shout. You really want to help but you felt your body froze, you then see a figure
in the shadow walking towards maribel. He kneel down and grabs maribel hand, you then sigh with your hands in your chest
but then you heard a crack and both of them fell. You kneel down to see what happened and both of them were hanging on,
you look around to see if there was any way to pass by. A rat came out of Bruno's clothes and Maribel let go and he shouts,
You were shocked as you just witness murder.

He then stood up and flaps his jacket (idk what it was called) then the mist went away, you sigh in relief once again. They also
helped you pass by, you were close to his room and you see cracks in the wall but it has cement on it. "You were patching.. all the
cracks?" Maribel said, Bruno replies "Oh no, I can't go near those. All the patches has been done by 'Hernando'" Maribel asked
"Who's Hernand-?" Bruno cuts off maribel as he says, "I'm hernando, and I'm afraid of nothing." You chuckled at the back as
it was adorable since it was still him but with his hood on. Maribel was confused and bruno said, "My gift all the time was 'Acting'"
He said as he awkwardly chuckles, Maribel wasn't surprised. "I'm jorge, and I make a spackle." He said with a bucket on his head
and he was holding up a shovel (for the cement, i forgot what it was called- Don't judge me :'D ) You chuckled again.

You both went to his room and you look around. It was messy, dirty, and dusty. You were afraid to touch anything, so you
kept your hands up. Rats were everywhere, everything was unorganized. They both were talking but you were exploring
and looking everywhere, you saw a crack and you look on it. "I-is that.. the dinner table? Is he watching us all the time..?"
You thought to yourself, Maribel checked as well, you look at the table with a plate that was named by "Bruno" and he has
his fork and knife at the side. You started to get emotional, He stoods up as he said "Well, my gift didn't really helped the family,
but.. I love my family, you know." He said as his eyes started to get watery, a tear drop from your face to the ground.

You hugged bruno as he hugs you back, "I know that you needed a hug.." You said as he burst down crying with you. You
sniff as you wipe the tears from your face, and smiled brightly at him. ( I started to notice, I was spelling MIRABEL'S name
*facepalm* ) "Your smile shines like the sun" He said as he covers his eyes, you laugh as you were flustered since people
compliment about your smile and whenever you smile. "Heh, Thank you." You said as you fidget with your hands, "You can
marry camilio." He said as he pats your shoulder, you blushed from what he said but smiled. "I will" You and bruno laughed,
(Maribel in the background feeling left out)

Maribel started talking with bruno, but you were playing with the rat. You were doing staring contest with them, then
Antonio bust in and said "You can take my room." You blink and look at him, you were confused. "They told me everything,
Don't eat those." He said with a bird on his arm. The tiger whimper, and left with a sad look.

( At Antonio's room )
You and Antonio was looking from afar, Maribel was sitting down while Bruno was pouring the sand from the bucket, but an
animal was blocking the way and Bruno didn't wanna disturb. He puts the sand around the animal, and sat down. He sat down
then he grabs salt from his clothes, Maribel was intrigued from what ritual he was doing. He threw the salt in his back and grabs
a match and puts it on fire, he puts the match on fire at the leaves. The leaves starts to burn and he grabs a piece of wood from
the leave and burn the other leaves.

He shakes his hand as he inhale, he then grabs maribel hand but he looks like he was saying something. You couldn't hear clearly
from how far the distance is, the sands starts to form in a ball. There was green particles that was glowing inside the sand,
you were in awe as you were watching from a far. "Woah" You both said in unison.




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