Chapter VII

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Chapter VII

The land that you were standing on cracked, you were too afraid to check the place where it cracks. After the cracks you thought you were safe, "Heh" you said in a confident way that you were safe. The land below you cracks and fell, you shouted and was still hanging on.

"M-MARIBEL!!" You shouted for help as you were dangling, you were breathing hard. "H-help ME!" You said as you were scared, maribel helped you and pulled you in. "Are you alright?" Maribel asked while holding both of your hand, "Yea-" You  got cut off since you fainted in maribel hands. She puts you in the corner, so that you won't fall off.

Maribel POV:
I helped Y/N from falling off, I held both of her hands and it was wet from how scared she was like it was a waterfall. She was gonna say something but she fainted, I put her in the corner so she won't fall off on her own. "I guess, I'll have to do this on my own." I said while I fix my bag to the side, I went inside the cave. There was green object inside the sand and it was glowing but it was scattered, I put my hand deep inside the sand to grab the green object.

I grab it and it was a green shattered glass, I took another one and put them in place. My surrounding was cracking a little bit, I got another one and put them together and the cave was starting to crack aggressively and sand was falling off quickly. I started to grab everything and put them inside my bag and left, the door was close shut and it was hard to run from the sand. I started to panic I tried to bump the door to open but nothing was happening, I started to shout Y/N's name to see if she was conscious "Y/N! OPEN THE DOOR!" I screamed but nothing happened, I look around and saw a handle. I pulled it and the door opened a little and sand was flowing out the room.

I was breathing hard I was laying down from the sand pushing me out with force, I look at my left and seeing I was at the edge of the bridge. I rolled around and got scared, I look beside me and Y/N wasn't there. I started to dig and saw she was covered with sand, I laughed and we went back and she finally woke up. "Hello, sleepy head." I laughed at her from her confused reaction.

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Back to Y/N:

We both were going out of Bruno's tower, we wipe off the dust and sand from our clothes so that we won't look that suspicious to anyone. We were walking out of bruno's room and Abuela was there, we both got surprised since she was there "Hey, Abuela!" You both greeted Abuela with a smile. "I gotta distract" you thought to yourself as you brightly smile Abuela, she looks like she was happy from the smile.

"Phew that was close" you thought to yourself as Abuela passes both of you by, you both look at each other and went to maribel's room. You both looked at green glass, she puts it all together and saw the vision. It was her and the house getting cracker "It was right, the thing she said in the ceremony." You thought to yourself as both of you were shocked, Agustin went inside the room and both of you tried to hide it. Agustin was in shock after seeing the green glass but he didn't see the vision clearly, he tried to look further and both of you move to the side.

Maribel explained everything that happened and what both of you were doing, you were awkwardly smiling at the side hoping that it's alright. He puts the green glass in his pockets and said not to tell anyone, the door starts to creak open and it was showing Dolores. Dolores said, "Hm, I know." She squeak as she runs away to go to the kitchen.

You somehow ate with them since Agustin insisted  and you couldn't say no, you were beside maribel and you know it was the wrong idea to sit beside her. She was staring at the Dolores to make sure she doesn't snitch, but you were distractes by camilio. You both were looking at each other, you smiled brightly like nothing happened, he blushed as he looks at the ground while eating. You chuckled and ate some food, "Y/N!" She said as camilio was snitching as well. Camilio started to tell Felix that both of you broke in to Bruno's tower. Everything was crazy.

To be continued

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