Chapter Nineteen: Blanket

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Later outside the college, Sherlock and Lorenzo were sitting on the back steps of an ambulance

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Later outside the college, Sherlock and Lorenzo were sitting on the back steps of an ambulance. A paramedic put an orange blanket to each around their shoulders as Lestrade walked over.

Sherlock gestured to the blanket, "Why have I got this blanket? They keep putting this blanket on me." he asked, his voice filled with annoyance.

"Yeah, it's for shock." Lestrade replied nodding.

Sherlock scoffed, "We are not in shock."

"Yeah, but some of the guys wanna take photographs of you both." he grinned making the brothers roll their eyes.

"So, the shooter. No sign?" Sherlock asked Lestrade whilst looking around.

Lestrade sighed, "Cleared off before we got 'ere. But a guy like that would have had enemies, I suppose. One of them could have been following him but..." he shrugged, "Got nothing to go on."

Sherlock looked at him pointedly, "Oh, I wouldn't say that."

Now it was Lestrade's turn to roll his eyes, "Okay, gimme." he said sighing.

Sherlock stood up, "The bullet they just dug out of the wall from a handgun. Kill shot over that distance from that kind of a weapon - that's a crack shot you're looking for, but not just a marksman; a fighter. His hands couldn't have shaken at all, so clearly he's acclimatized to violence. He didn't fire until I was in immediate danger, though, so strong moral principle. You're looking for a man probably with a history of military service..." while he was talking, he turned his head to look around the area and saw John standing some distance away behind the police tape, "And nerves of steel..." he trailed off.

As John looked back at him innocently and then turned his head away, Sherlock heard Lorenzo clear his throat behind him, he looked at him and he gave him a pointy look telling him to shut up, "Actually, do you know what? Ignore me." Sherlock then said.

"Sorry?" Greg asked confused.

The high functional sociopath shook his head, "Ignore all of that. It's just the, er, the shock talking. Lorenzo come on." he started to walk away with Lorenzo next to him.

"Where're you going?" the inspector asked, clearly confused by the sudden change of the consulting detective.

Sherlock answered, "I just need to talk about the-the rent."

"But I've still got questions for the both of you." The youngest Holmes turned to the inspector in irritation, "Oh, what now? He's in shock. Look, He's got a blanket." he brandished the sides of the blanket at Lestrade.

"Sherlock! Lorenzo!" Lestrade snapped at them both.

"And we just caught you a serial killer..." Sherlock tilted his head, "More or less." He added at the end.

Lestrade looked at them thoughtfully for a moment, "Okay. We'll bring you in tomorrow. Off you go." he said finally giving up,

Sherlock and Lorenzo walked away. Lestrade smiled as he watched them go. Taking the blanket from around his shoulders, Sherlock bundled it up as he approached John, who was standing at the side of a police car.

Sherlock tossed his and his brothers blankets through the open window of the car and ducked under the police tape.


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