Chapter fourteen: Fan

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Jeff started the engine and drove away from 221b Baker Street

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Jeff started the engine and drove away from 221b Baker Street. In the cab, Sherlock and Lorenzo were watching the London scenery pass by.

"How did you find us?" Sherlock asked breaking the silence looking towards the front at Jeff.

Jeff tilted his head, "Oh, I recognized you both, soon as I saw you chasing my cab. Sherlock and Lorenzo 'olmes. I was warned about the both of you. I've been on your website, too. Brilliant stuff. Loved it." he exclaimed.

"Who warned you about us?" Lorenzo then asked curiously, now getting annoyed at the serial killer.

"Just someone out there who's noticed you." Jeff answered the teenager casually.

Lorenzo rolled his eyes, looking back outside the cab.

The other Holmes brother leaned forward, looking closely at the side of Jeff's neck, then noticing a photograph of a young boy and girl attached to the dashboard of the cab. He had kids just like Lorenzo had told him in the profile.

"Who would notice us?" Sherlock asked wanting more information on the mystery person.

"You're both too modest." Jeff said meeting Sherlocks eyes briefly in the rearview mirror with a little mocking smile.

"We're really not." Sherlock replied looking bored.

Jeff chuckled, "You've got yourself a fan." He said looking at the brothers through the mirror.

The cab drove on and finally stopped at the front of two identical buildings side by side. Jeff turned off the engine and got out, coming to the passenger door and opening it. Jeff looked in at Sherlock and Lorenzo.

"Where are we?" Sherlock asked already knowing where they are.

"You know every street in London. You know exactly where we are." Jeff answered him straight away.

Sherlock nodded, "Roland-Kerr Further Education College. Why here?" he asked.

Jeff shrugged, "It's open; cleaners are in. One thing about being a cabbie: you always know a nice quiet spot for a murder. I'm surprised more of us don't branch out." He said to them both.

"And you just walk your victims in? How?" Lorenzo questioned looking around rolling his eyes.

Jeff raised a pistol and pointed it at Lorenzo, smirking smugly.

Lorenzo rolled his eyes and turned his head away towards his older brother, "Oh, dull." he told him which he nodded in response.

"Don't worry. It gets better." The taxi driver told him.

Sherlock sighed, "You know it kills the whole illusion of making people take their own lives when you are pointing a gun at them." he said.

"It doesn't." Jeff replied, "It's much better than that." he lowered the gun, "Don't need this with you two, 'cause you'll follow me." he confidently walked away.

While Lorenzo instantly got out of the car, Sherlock sat for a moment, then grimaced in exasperation at himself as he did just what Jeff predicted and got out of the cab to follow the man.

Jeff opened the door of a room and stood aside so that Sherlock and Lorenzo could go in.

Sherlock looked at him closely but stepped inside the room with the brown haired boy walking behind him, then Jeff released the door and let it swing closed as he walked over to some switches on the wall and turned on the lights.

The men and boy were in a large classroom which had long fixed wooden benches and free-standing plastic chairs. They walked deeper into the room, looking around.

"Well, what do you think?" Jeff asked looking around and then to the brothers, "It's up to you two. You're the ones who are gonna die 'ere."

Lorenzo looked at him, "No, we are not." He said in a deadpanned manner.

"That's what they all say." Jeff gestured to one of the benches, "Shall we talk?" Without waiting for a reply, he pulled out one of the chairs and sat down.

Lorenzo took a chair from the bench in front, flipped it around and sat down opposite, Sherlock did the same thing.

The sociopath sighed dramatically while he took off his gloves and put them into his coat pockets, "Bit risky, wasn't it? Took us away under the eye of about half a dozen policemen. They're not that stupid. And Mrs. Hudson will remember you." he said.

"You call that a risk? Nah." Jeff scoffed. He reached into the left pocket of his cardigan, "This is a risk." he took out a small glass bottle with a screw top and put it onto the table in front of them.

There was a single large capsule inside.


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