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Save Me Sherlock (Sherlock x Depressed Reader) by FanfictionWriters_2
Save Me Sherlock (Sherlock x FanfictionWriters_2
How do you explain to somebody that you are so unhappy with yourself and your life that you would rather be dead? Easy. You don't. But with Sherlock Holmes living above...
His Favorite Melody  by tiffanyrebecca7
His Favorite Melody by Tiffany
Melody Hudson. Not only was she an excellent assistant to the worlds only Consulting Detective, but she was one of the only people who knew exactly who he was when he th...
Alexithymia (A Sherlock Soulmate AU) by pokemon240
Alexithymia (A Sherlock Soulmate Pokemon240
Alexithymia is the inability to describe or recognize your own emotions. A soulmate is a person ideally suited for another. In this world, a black mark appears where th...
The Sociopath's Daughter by imnotapsyduck
The Sociopath's Daughterby Tam
After the death of her mother, a young girl finds her sociopath father and his work partner. Along with them, she meets many new faces. Some faces she likes more than ot...
Brilliant {A BBC Sherlock Fanfic} by kasiapeia_
Brilliant {A BBC Sherlock Fanfic}by K. Millard
Amelia Watson is a thunderstorm, and her temper a wildfire. Sherlock Holmes is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, his mind a place very few people can understand. Who'd have...
Sherlock Holmes, meet Doctor Strange! by Dat_Sherlock_Boi
Sherlock Holmes, meet Doctor Dat Sherlock Boi
(Btw the cover art is not mine.) So this is my very first fanfic. I hope you guys don't think it sucks... And I hope you guys like it. Also, the title is pretty self-ex...
Soufflés, Skype and Sherlock Holmes by wenwendy1
Soufflés, Skype and Sherlock Holmesby wenwendy1
Read about a new tenant in 221c, Sherlock getting his cheekbones scolded, John becoming increasingly confused and soufflé after soufflé as Moriarty and the Doctor are ab...
The Adventure Began at Holmes by FOREVER_SHERLOCKED
The Adventure Began at Holmesby FOREVER_SHERLOCKED
Sadie Holmes, discovers that she is the daughter of Mycroft and the Niece of Sherlock Holmes. But when she goes to meet them, she is forced into an adventure and discove...
The Other One *Editing* by missagentpotter
The Other One *Editing*by Ellie
Click. Click. Someone's breaking in at 221B Baker Street. Step. Step. They're coming up the stairs. The great detective opens to the door to find the perfect deduction w...
The Criminal's Library by ChOoSeYoUr_ChArAcTeR
The Criminal's Libraryby Nonamelol
When Jim Moriarty sees something he wants, he gets it no matter what. Even if it is a person. Doesn't matter what they say, he will get them. But what if what they say s...
Like father, like son by Megm114
Like father, like sonby Meg
When Sherlock has a 19 year old son dumped on him, he will have to cope to the best of his abilities with someone so alike yet so different to him. The rugged, young, gi...
Glass: Reader Requests by daydreamtofiction
Glass: Reader Requestsby daydreamtofiction
Request a one shot based on my Glass series [BBC Sherlock fanfic]. See the first chapter for details! - cover by Shezzaspeare •• Due to recently having my work stolen...
Vampire on Baker street ( A Sherlock fan-fiction) by Cynder15
Vampire on Baker street ( A Sara
Sara Knightly is a 300 year old vampire. While in London she decides to pay her old friend, John Watson, a visit. There she meets a man named Sherlock Holmes. How will S...
Being high Functioning Sociopath + Vampire by vinie1oo
Being high Functioning Sociopath vinie1oo
John(werewolf), moves into a flat in baker street to live a normal life however he ends up with a vampire flatmate(sherlock) and a third supernatural flatmate as well...
The Consulting Hacker by anonymouse8
The Consulting Hackerby Caren Hite
After being called off from a case, Sherlock is faced with a new mystery. A girl, found half dead in 221c, appears out of the blue. She has no history, no past life, no...
The Science Of Love (S.H.)  by grungy-horror
The Science Of Love (S.H.) by grungy-horror
Love was what he needed most, but it was also his biggest fear. | A mysterious case about a stolen piece of art, quickly blossoms into a romance between the detective...
Distraction - Sherlock Fanfiction by EloiseKane
Distraction - Sherlock Fanfictionby Eloise Kane
Sherlock has always eliminated the unnecessary, filtered out all distractions to keep focus on what was important. What he didn't realize; his biggest distraction was he...
Savannah Holmes: The Sister||Sherlock (BBC)|| by TheSecretiveAngel
Savannah Holmes: The Sister|| ♛ l e a n n e ♛
We all know who Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes are, the smartest of the smart. But what about the other one? The other one that no one knows about. The other one who is sm...
Sherlocked (Sherlock/OC fanfiction) by remstahh_fergo
Sherlocked (Sherlock/OC fanfiction)by R
Alex Moriarty, a 20 year old science nerd from Australia has recently moved to England, soon finding herself becoming somewhat a companion to Mr Sherlock Holmes. Though...
SherlockxReader One Shots/Imagines/preferences REQUESTS CLOSED!! by kristinaRaven99
SherlockxReader One Shots/ Kristina Raven
So here's the deal: I love these books as much as the next fangirl, and I keep on getting Sherlock ideas, so here I am! Writing a Sherlock one shot/imagine/preference bo...