Chapter Sixteen: The Gun

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Sherlock smiled, "I believe Lorenzo already mentioned that you're a dead man walking

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Sherlock smiled, "I believe Lorenzo already mentioned that you're a dead man walking." he then turned to his brother, "You were right with your profile, every single aspect of it was correct."

The taxi driver shifted his gaze towards him, "Profile?" he questioned confused.

"My brother here is a profiler. He deduced every single aspect of your life even before we met you." Sherlock told him, watching at how Jeff was twisting.

Lorenzo smirked nodding, "A rather analytical personality, unnoticeable, soon to be a dead man, strained relationship with a former wife who has the custody of the children. A father's love so strong that he is killing people to ensure the kids have a future but of course, he can't let go the opportunity to show the people he is smart too." He grinned "Now that I see you and judging by the way sometimes your right eye falls a bit... I would say an aneurysm."

Lorenzo smiled in satisfaction when Jeff pointed to the right side of his head telling them that he was correct.

Lorenzo had just proved to him how good he was... at this point, he was looking smarter than Sherlock.

Jeff narrowed his eyes, "There are others out there just like you, except you're just a man and a boy."

Lorenzo chuckled making him turn at him, "Oh Jeff, you know nothing. You are nothing... just a pawn."

Again, his smile would make him feel uneasy; Jeff licked his lips shaking away the feeling, "Time to choose." he said to them both.

Sherlock and Lorenzo looked down at the bottles, their eyes moving from one to the other, "What if we don't choose either? We could just walk out of here." the eldest Holmes said.

Sighing in a combination of exasperation and disappointment, Jeff lifted up the pistol and pointed it at them, "You can take your fifty-fifty chance, or I can shoot you in the head. Funnily enough, no-one's ever gone for that option."

Lorenzo spoke, "We'll have the gun, please."

"Are you sure?" Jeff asked.

Sherlock then answered still smiling,"Definitely. The gun." he said confidently.

"You don't wanna phone a friend?" Jeff asked somewhat sarcastically.

Sherlock smiled confidently, "The gun."

Jeff's mouth tightened, and slowly he squeezed the trigger.


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