Chapter Ten: Welcome To London

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Then taxi passenger continued to look around him, then turned and looked out the back window

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Then taxi passenger continued to look around him, then turned and looked out the back window. His gaze fell on the restaurant and he looked at it for a few moments while Lorenzo & Sherlock stared back at him, then the man turned towards the front of the vehicle and the taxi began to pull away from the corner.

The brothers immediately headed towards it without bothering to check the road that they was running into and was almost run over by a car coming from their left.

The driver slammed on the brakes and stopped the car but Sherlock and Lorenzo, always keen to take the quickest route, allowed their forward impetus to carry them onto the top of the bonnet.

They both rolled over the bonnet, and landed on their feet on the other side and then ran after the taxi.

As the driver of the car angrily sounded his horn, John put one hand on the bonnet and vaulted over the front of the car, apologizing to the driver as he walked, "Sorry."

John chased after the Holmes brothers, who ran a few yards up the road before realizing that they were not going to catch the taxi and slowed to a halt.

John catches up and stopped beside them, "I've got the cab number." he told them both.

"Good for you." Lorenzo muttered as the brothers brought their hands up to either side of their head as they concentrated, calling up a mental map of the local area and overlaying it with images of the streets along the route which he calculated that the taxi must take, "Right turn, one way, roadworks, traffic lights, bus lane, pedestrian crossing, left turn only, traffic lights." Them having worked out the route, in sync they lifted their head and saw a man unlocking the door to a nearby building.

Instantly their mind flashed up a signpost saying, "Alternative route." They raced towards the man and grabbed him, shoving him out of the way before charging into the building.

The two of three raced up the stairs and out onto a metal spiral fire escape staircase leading to the roof, John struggled to keep up with him as he scurried up behind them.

"Come on, John!" Lorenzo shouted Reaching the top of the stairs, then dropping down onto a walkway along the side of the building, the boys ran onwards.

The taxi continued its journey on the ground and the boys ran down another metal staircase, then ran to a ledge and dropped down into an alleyway before running onwards again.

The brothers led John down the alleyway as, in their head, a map showed their location in comparison to where the taxi must be.

Their paths are beginning to get closer and they were heading towards a point where Lorenzo, Sherlock and John will exit the alleyway onto D'Arblay Street, into which the taxi was just turning.

The boys ran down the street, taking a shorter route than the taxi which was being diverted by various road signs taking it the long way around.

They headed down more alleyways and side streets towards the interception point in Wardour Street and finally, at the precise point which his mental map predicted, Sherlock and Lorenzo raced out of a side street and hurled themselves into the path of the approaching cab and ran in front of the car stopping it completely.

Sherlock pulled out an I.D badge and flashed it at the driver as he ran to the right-hand side of the cab, "Police. Open it up." Panting heavily, he tugged open the rear door and stared in at the passenger, who looked back at him anxiously.

Instantly, Sherlock straightened up in exasperation just as John joined him, "No." the sociopath said.

Lorenzo leaned down to look at the passenger,  "Teeth, tan: what - Californian?" he looked at something on the floor in front of the passenger, "L.A., Santa Monica. Just arrived." he straightened up again, grimacing.

"How can you possibly know that?" John asked him still trying to catch his breath.

"The luggage." Lorenzo said looking down at the suitcase on the floor of the cab and its luggage label showing that the man had flown from LAX [Los Angeles International Airport] to LHR [London Heathrow Airport].

Sherlock turned to the passenger, "It's probably your first trip to London, right, going by your final destination and the route the cabbie was taking you?" he asked.

The passenger gulped looking worried, "Sorry- are you guys the police?" he asked looking at the three men.

Sherlock nodded, "Yeah." he flashed the I.D. badge briefly at the man, "Everything all right?" he asked.

"Yeah." The passenger answered him smiling.

Lorenzo wondering how to finish this conversation, then smiled falsely at the man, "Welcome to London." he immediately walked away, leaving John and Sherlock staring blankly for a moment before they stepped closer to the taxi door and looked in at the passenger.

"Er, any problems, just let us know." John told him. As the man nodded, John smiled politely and slammed the cab door shut.

John and Sherlock walked to where Lorenzo had stopped a few yards behind the vehicle, "Basically just a cab that happened to slow down."

Sherlock sighed disappointed, "Basically." he answered.

"Not the murderer." John said.

"Not the murderer, no." Lorenzo replied exasperated.

John continued, "Wrong country, good alibi."

"As they go." Lorenzo muttered.

John noticed it and reached for the card and Sherlock released it, "Right." he looked at the name on the card, "Detective Inspector Lestrade?" he questioned.

"Yeah. I pickpocket him when he's annoying. You can keep that one, we've  got plenty at the flat." Sherlock answered.

John nodded then looked down at the card again before lifting his head and giggling silently.

"What?" the psychopath questioned confused to why he was giggling.

"Nothing, just: "Welcome to London." John replied with a grin looking at the teenager.

Lorenzo chuckled while Sherlock grinned a little then looked down the road to where a police officer had apparently gone to investigate why the cab had stopped in the middle of the road.

The passenger had got out and was pointing down the road towards them, "Got your breath back?" Lorenzo asked them starting to walk away.

"Ready when you are." John replied.

They turned and ran off down the road back to the flat.


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