Chapter One: Body

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"So you're going to beat a body with a riding crop, Awesome! I want in on that action

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"So you're going to beat a body with a riding crop, Awesome! I want in on that action." Lorenzo smirked after Sherlock finally explained the case to him.

Sherlock opened the door of the hospital to walk towards the morgue, "No, I'm going to beat a body with a riding crop, You're going to watch. I'm not going to encourage the exposure of your sadistic pleasures, brother." he said giving his brother a look.

The brown haired boy rolled his eyes and huffed, "Ugh, buzz kill Mycroft." he said sarcastically sad.

"Fine! Only one lash i don't want you ruining my experiment." Sherlock huffed.

"Thank you!" Lorenzo replied smirking making him narrow his eyes at the teenager, "manipulation at its finest." He whispered with a grin, "Now I believe it's your turn to manipulate someone to let us in."

The consulting detective decided to ignore the teenager as they both reached an office, to be more specific, Molly Hooper's office.

When they entered, Molly stood up from her chair and smiled nervously, "Sherlock, Lorenzo, what a surprise." she said with temblor in her voice.

Sherlock walked closer and showed her a fake smile, "I was hoping you could provide me a fresh body, I'm in need of one, it's very important." He said trying to be charming.

she glanced towards Lorenzo who smirked at her, making her shift in her place, "I'm sorry, Sherlock, but I don't think-"

"Did you cut your hair?" the sociopath interrupted her, "It looks shorter than last time; it makes you look good." He said with a small smile.

Molly flustered at his comment and her fingers played with each other, "I think I can manage to find one. Let me go and see." She said and left the room.

"I think I threw up in my mouth. That was terrible flirting." Lorenzo said with a disgusted look.

"Oh shut up!" Sherlock said agitated.

"I'm a little bit impressed. She is in love with you and you know it, so every time you need a body you just say something nice to her and You've got her wrapped out of your finger. Sociopathic trait that you know and enforce." Lorenzo said very dramatically.

"You do realize you are describing yourself too, right?. Just like I, you can manipulate too." Sherlock replied.

"I know, the difference between you and me is that it doesn't bother me, but it almost looks like it bothers you when you have to manipulate a friend?" Lorenzo says tilting his head in a almost taunting way.

"I don't have friends." the curly haired man retorted, "And it doesn't bother me."

Lorenzo rolled his eyes, "yeah, yeah whatever you say." he said in a bored tone.

Molly walked back into the room still being nervous, "I found one for you both."

"Excellent!" The detective replied and walked out of the office and walked to the morgue where they found themselves with a body bag.

Sherlock unzipped the body bag lying on the table and peered at the corpse inside. He sniffed it "How fresh?" He questioned.

Molly walked closer, "Just in. Sixty-seven, natural causes. He used to work here. I knew him. He was nice." She said with a frown.

Zipping the bag up again, Sherlock turned to her and smiled falsely, "Fine. We'll start with the riding crop."

The body had been removed from the bag and was now lying on its back on the table, Sherlock pulled out the riding crop from his coat and Lorenzo stood at the other side of the body.

In the observation room next door, Molly watched and flinched while Sherlock flogged the body repeatedly and violently with a riding crop, but her face was also full of admiration.

Molly saw when Sherlock finished, The teenager cleared his throat, annoyed, Sherlock gave him the riding crop.

"Don't worry I won't mess with your area, I'm choosing the throat." she heard the boy say and frowned.

The pathologist was clearly disturbed by the young Holmes behavior then again he was a psychopath.

Molly flinched when Lorenzo lashed the man's throat with enough force that it opened his skin.

"I'm not going to lie... that felt great!" Lorenzo said with a smirk staring at the laceration on the body's neck.

"Your psychopathic tendencies are showing." Sherlock replied extending his arm so he could give him back the riding crop. He put it back into his coat.

The sociopath and psychopath entered the lab with an annoyed look on their faces.

Sherlock went to grab the equipment he required to make some tests in relation to the serial suicide's.

He sat down and prepared the microscope that was in front of him.

"I'm getting bored, Sherlock!" Lorenzo clenched his hands, "You don't want me to get bored." he said with a glare looking at the older man.

"I'm working." Sherlock replied turning to look at the microscope.

"While you are working on your tests you can also talk to me... I'm sure you are smart enough to do both things without messing one of them." The youngest Holmes said trying not to get angry at Sherlock who was ignoring him.

"I'm not in the mood for trivial talks." The detective heard him gasp offended.

Lorenzo scoffed getting angrier, "Come on, let's play. while I'm working we shall resolve puzzles, riddle-"

"I don't like riddles." Sherlock interrupted him.

"learn to." The teenager snapped.

Sherlock made a grimace but agreed to play the game; it would develop better his ability to focus on more than one thing and because he didn't want Lorenzo to get even more angrier.

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