Chapter Three: The Science Of Deduction

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Lorenzo grinned at who he saw outside of the cab, "Well look who is here

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Lorenzo grinned at who he saw outside of the cab, "Well look who is here." he said to Sherlock.

John knocked on the door as the Holmes brothers got out of the cab.

"Hello." Sherlock said from behind. He reached in through the window of the cab and handed some money to the driver, "Thank you." he muttered.

John turned towards them as he walked over "Ah, Mr. Holmes, Lorenzo." he greeted.

"Sherlock, please." he replied and shook hands.

John nodded smiling, "Well, this is a prime spot. Must be expensive" he said turning around.

"Oh, Mrs. Hudson, the landlady, she's giving me a special deal. Owes us a favor. A few years back, her husband got himself sentenced to death in Florida. Me and Lorenzo was able to help out." the consulting detective replied.

John frowned, "Sorry - you stopped her husband being executed?" he asked shocked.

Lorenzo chuckled, "No. We ensured it." He said amused.

The door opened, revealing Mrs. Hudson, "Sherlock! Lorenzo!" She said, giving Sherlock and Lorenzo a hug.

"Mrs. hudson, dr. john watson." sherlock introduced john to her.

Mrs. Hudson smiled "Hello. Is he going to be your flatmate?" she asked the consultant.

"I'm going to see the place then we will see." John answered instead of Sherlock.

The four went inside and Mrs. Hudson closed the door. Sherlock trotted up the stairs to the first-floor landing, then paused and waited for John to hobble upstairs and walked inside the flat.

The room is fairly large and pleasant, but a little messy of stacks of newspapers, several computers, a tumble of box files along the shelves, books everywhere, a collection of Lorenzo's weapons, a human skull on the mantlepiece. Than a, adjoining, kitchen, the table crammed with testubes, jars and bunsen burners.

Down the hall of the kitchen was the three bedrooms and one bathroom, at the end of the hallway in the middle was Sherlock's room. Then to the right of Sherlock's was Lorenzo's room, then across from his will be John's, if he wants to move in, then next to John's room is the bathroom.

"Well, this could be very nice. Very nice indeed." John nodded and made a small grimace, "A little too much but it's nice."

Sherlock actually looked embarrassed, "Well, obviously we can, um, straighten things up a bit." He walked across the room and made a half-hearted attempt to tidy up a little, throwing a couple of folders into a box and then taking some apparently unopened envelopes across to the fireplace where he put them onto the mantelpiece and then stabbed a multi tool knife into them.

John noticed something else on the mantelpiece and lifted his cane to point at it, "That's a skull." John said startled.

Sherlock shrugged, "Friend of mine. When I say 'friend' ..." he trailed off at the end.

"I thought you didn't have any friends." Lorenzo muttered walking closer to Sherlock who threw him a glare, "He is going to take the flat."

"Of course he will." Sherlock whispered back to him, "He is looking for danger and we can offer him that." he said determined.

Mrs. Hudson followed them into the room. She picked up a cup and saucer while Sherlock took off his greatcoat and scarf, "What do you think, then, Doctor Watson? There's another bedroom upstairs if you'll be needing three bedrooms." She asked.

"Of course we'll be needing three." John told her confused.

Mrs. Hudson shook her head, "Oh, don't worry; there's all sorts round here." confidentially dropping her voice to a whisper by the end of the sentence, "Mrs. Turner next door's got married ones." she explains.

John looked across to Sherlock and Lorenzo, expecting them to confirm that he wasn't involved with the curly haired man or the younger boy but the duo appeared to be talking privately.

Mrs. Hudson walked across to the kitchen, then turned back and frowned at the brothers, "Oh, Sherlock, Lorenzo. The mess you've both made." She went into the kitchen and started tidying up.

John cleared his throat interrupting the brothers Conversation, "I looked you both up on the internet last night." he said.

"Anything interesting?" Lorenzo asked with a smirk.

"Found your website, The Science of Deduction." John explained more.

Sherlock smiled proudly, "What did you think?" He asked.

John threw him a "you have got to be kidding me." type of look, "You said you both could identify a software designer by his tie and an airline pilot by his left thumb."

"Yes; and we can read your military career in your face and your leg, and your brother's drinking habits in your mobile phone." Sherlock explained.

"How?" John asked startled.

Sherlock just smiled and turned away.


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