Chapter Six: Crime Scene

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The trio walked up to the crime scene with the Holmes brothers in tow

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The trio walked up to the crime scene with the Holmes brothers in tow.

Sergeant Donovan noticed them... she focused on Sherlock and Lorenzo and ignored the fact an older guy was with them, "Hello, freaks." she greeted snidely.

"We're here to see Detective Inspector Lestrade." Sherlock said dryly ignoring her rude comment, whilst Lorenzo rolled his eyes.

"Why?" she asked narrowing her eyes at them. Oh, how much she detested the brothers.

Lorenzo looked at her as if she was a small child, "we was invited." he said in a tone of an adult trying to explain something to a child.

"Why?" she asked again.

The consulting detectives were getting annoyed and Sherlock answered sarcastically, "I think he wants us to take a look."

"Well, you know what I think, don't you?" the curly haired woman replied glaring at them.

Sherlock lifting the tape and ducking underneath it smiled with discord, "Always, Sally." he breathed in through his nose, "I even know you didn't make it home last night." he added.

"I don't ..." she didn't finish when she noticed a man with them, she looked at John, "Er, who is this?" She asked confused.

"Colleagues of ours, Doctor Watson." Sherlock nodded at John.

"Doctor Watson, Sergeant Sally Donovan." Lorenzo said, voice dripped with sarcasm, "Old friend."

Donovan looked in disbelief, "Colleague? How do you two get a colleague?" she turned to John, "What? Did he follow you home?" She asked.

"Would it be better if I just waited and..." John didn't finish his sentence.

Sherlock said, lifting the tape for them, "No."

As John and Lorenzo walked under the tape, Donovan lifted a radio to her mouth, "The Freak's are here. Bringing them in." She led the boys towards the house.

Lorenzo looked all around the area and at the ground as they approached, "How's the affair going?" he asked breaking the silence making Donovan almost trip, she stopped and looked at the boy shocked, "What? Is it supposed to be a secret?" he asked innocently with a smirk.

"How?..." Donovan asked wide eyed not meaning to say it out loud.

"Your deodorant and your knees, not to mention your sudden change of body language the moment Anderson came out of the house." Lorenzo pointed at Anderson who was walking towards them dressed in a coverall.

Sherlock smirked, "Ah, Anderson. Here we are again."

Anderson looked at them with distaste, "It's a crime scene. I don't want it contaminated. Are we clear on that?" He said firmly.

"Quite clear." The sociopath answered mocking him, whilst Lorenzo just rolled his eyes.

Lorenzo turned and went into the house while Sherlock followed him with a smirk on his face.
John walked past Donovan, briefly but pointedly looking down to her knees, then followed them inside.

Lorenzo led them into a room on the ground floor where Lestrade was putting on a coverall, Whilst Lorenzo and Sherlock pointed to a pile of similar items.

The consulting detective turned to John, "You need to wear one of these." Sherlock said.

John had taken off his jacket and picked up a coverall. He looked at Sherlock who picked up a pair of latex gloves, then at Lorenzo, "Aren't you gonna put one on? Neither of you?" He asked confused.

The brothers just looked at him weirdly. John shook his head as if to say, 'Silly me. What was I thinking?'

"So where are we?" Sherlock asked the Inspector.

"Upstairs" he answered. Lestrade led them up a circular staircase. He and John were wearing coveralls together with white cotton coverings over their shoes, and latex gloves. "I can give you two minutes."

"May need longer." Sherlock replied casually.

Lestrade sighed, "Her name's Jennifer Wilson according to her credit cards. We're running them now for contact details. Hasn't been here long. Some kids found her."

He led them into a room two stores above the ground floor. The room was empty of furniture except for a rocking horse in the far corner. A woman's body was lying face down on the bare floorboards in the middle of the room. She was wearing a bright pink overcoat and high-heeled pink shoes. Her hands were flat on the floor either side of her head.

Sherlock walked a few steps into the room and then stopped, holding one hand out in front of himself as he focused on the corpse.

The four of them stood there silently for several long seconds, then Sherlock and Lorenzo looked across to Lestrade, "Shut up." They said in sync.

"I didn't say anything" he said startled at them both.

"You were thinking. It's annoying." Lorenzo said rolling his eyes annoyed at the man.

Lestrade and John exchanged a surprised look as the Holmes brothers stepped slowly forward until they reached the side of the corpse.


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