Chapter Eleven: Sniffer Dog

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The boys arrived back and walked along the hallway, breathing heavily

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The boys arrived back and walked along the hallway, breathing heavily. John hung his jacket on a hook on the wall, Sherlock draped his coat over the bottom of the banisters and Lorenzo threw his jacket on the floor.

"Okay, that was ridiculous." John commented. They leaned side by side against the wall, still trying to catch their breath, "That was the most ridiculous thing I've ever done."

"And you invaded Afghanistan." Lorenzo said and John let out a chuckle.

"That wasn't just me." The doctor replied making the brothers chuckle, "Why aren't we back at the restaurant?"

Sherlock became more serious and waved his hand dismissively, "Oh, they can keep an eye out. It was a long shot anyway."

John nodded, "So what were we doing there?" he asked confused.

Sherlock cleared his throat, "Oh, just passing the time." he glanced at John.

Lorenzo grinned, "And proving a point." he added.

"What point?" The doctor asked looking at the teenager.

The brown haired boy pointed at him, "You." he said smirking.

The high functional sociopath turned and called loudly towards the door to Mrs. Hudson's ground floor flat, "Mrs. Hudson. Doctor Watson will take the room upstairs."

John looked at the man confused, "Says who?" he asked.

"Says the man at the door." Sherlock answered looking towards the front door.

John turned his head towards the door just as someone knocked on it three times. He turned back to look at Sherlock in surprise. Sherlock smiled and John stared at him for a moment then walked along the hall to answer the door. Sherlock leaned his head against the wall and blew out a breath.

John opened the door and found Angelo standing outside, "Sherlock texted me." he said smiling, he held up John's walking cane "He said you forgot this."

John stared at the cane in surprise then took it, "Ah." he turned and looked down the hall to Sherlock and Lorenzo, they were grinning at him. He turned back to Angelo, "Er, thank you. Thank you." he said awkwardly and in disbelief.

As he came back in and closed the door, Mrs. Hudson came out of her flat and hurried over to them. She sounded upset and tearful as she spoke, "Sherlock, Lorenzo, what have you done?"

"Mrs. Hudson?" Sherlock asked confused.

"Upstairs." she answered.

The brothers turned and hurried up the stairs, John following them. Sherlock opened the living room door and went inside, where he found D.I. Lestrade sitting casually in the armchair facing the door. Other police officers were going through their possessions.

Sherlock stormed over to Lestrade, "What are you doing?" he hissed angrily.

Lestrade shrugged, "Well, I knew you'd both find the case. I'm not stupid." he said casually.

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