What Happened

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I kno i haven't updated in awhile soo here yall goo...

August P.O.V

So when i was walking out of school at da end of da day, dat crazy girl Jennifer walkes up to me. Heyy Mr.Alsina could yuh help me study on something in science, I don't understand it said Jennifer. I was debating on wether or not I should help her. But me being da nice person i said yes.

Jennifer: yayy!! Thank yuh so much.

August: ummhm..no problem

Jennifer: yuh can come by my house round 6:00

August: itee..i gotcha

*Later at Jennifer house*

Jennifer: mr.Alsina can i getcha sum'n  2 drink.

August: sureeee.....i guess

*jennifer goes in da kitchen*

Jennifer: while im pouring da drinks, i get sum dizzy time ( btw i jus made dat up).

August: Thanks 4 da drink

Jennifer: yeahh sureee ...no prob *she said smirking*.

*august takes a sip of da drink*

August: after I took a sip of dat drink i felt dizzy. Da room was spinning, den er'thang jus went black.

Jennifer: after Mr.Alsina fell out..I struggled picking him up, but i managed 2 carry him 2 my room.

* Jennifer gets undressed*

Jennifer: i took off my clothes den i took off mr.Alsina pants.

August: i think i was knocked out for atleast 15 minutes.... Then i felt someone taking my pants off. But da thing bout it was dat i couldn't open my eyes. I could here doee.

Jennifer: After i took off mr.alsina pants i was taking off his boxers then......

I kno it's not a lot but sooo whattt...

Peace. Love Kaii

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