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This Bitxh

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Jennifer P.O.V

So i was having dinner with my parents in barcelona tapas. When i saw Mr.Alsina and that girl Mia. I looked over at there table and it looks lik they were on a date. Aint nobody finna b going on dates wit my bae, so i walke ova 2 dea table.

August P.O.V

As Mia and i were having dinner, jennifer walks up to us. And start asking questions.
What do yuh think ur doing wit my man yuh d...jennifer was saying but got cut off my mia punching her dead in the face.

Mia P.O.V

Wen jennifer came up to us she jus started talking junk, so i popped her in her face. Then i started dragging dat hoe. I got on top of her and was going from left to right on her. Then i heard a breaking sound, but i really din care so i continued.When she got up i grabbed her and threw her on da table with sumbody food on there. I started to punch her repeatedly. Then 10 minutes later it took August, 4 security guards, and 1 police officer to get me off of her.

August P.O.V

I was just sitting dea watching Mia beat da living shit out of jennifer. Every time jennifer see me she always wanna hug or wanna talk. I know she crushing on me but i just dont feel da same way and she is to young. I know ur thinking mia and jen is da same age and dey r but its sum bout mia dat makes me feel lik i could b in a realationship with her.

Mia P.O.V

After i finshed whooping dat bitch ass, i sat back down and started talking to august again. He said yuh just beat a hoe ass nd yuh dont feel no type of way, damn ma yuh bad shawtyy.




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