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Jennifer: i was taking off mr.alsina boxers then.....

*back 2 da story*

??: i walked in jennifer house..nd i didn't see her so..... I walked round in her kitchen nd i saw a pack of dizzy time empty..soo I walked up 2 her room nd i saw something i never could of imagined...

??: jennifer taylor if yuh dont get ur thirsty a** off of dat man.

Jennifer: when i heard dat voice it scared dat sh*t outta me. W-w-what are yuh doing here?

??: i came to check on yuh...but i see ur tryna use dat dizzy time scheme to get sum, dat chu can't have.

Jennifer: it's not what it looks lik.. I swear.

??: well explain 2 me what it is.

Jennifer: see what happened was dat he wanted me 2 do dis 2 him, nd take advantage ova him.

??: dats da most stupidest thing i eva heard jennifer.

August: i heard 2 people talking. So I'm trying my best 2 open my eyes.. Then finally dey open.. Who are yuh?...yuh kno wat it doesn't even matter, but this physco bitch hea she put sum'n in my drink..nd she tried 2 have sex wit me.

??: But it's not wat it looks lik..yuh ought 2 b shame of ur thirsty self.

August: Yuh dat thirsty jennifer. Damn yuh need da whole atlantic nd pacific ocean.

??: *bust out laughin*....lemme go

August: im right behind yuh.. Dueces ya nasty, thirsty, dirty bitchhh!!

*walks out da house*

August: if yuh don't mind me asking who are yuh exactly??

??: I'm......

Who is the ??

Peace. Love Kaii

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