Threatening Starts

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Jennifer P.O.V

I was  waiting at school for  Mia. When i saw her walking through the door. I walked up to her and said if yuh dont stay away from Mr.Alsina im going to kill yuh. Yuh aint gon do  squat Mia said. Try me and yuh will see i said. Then i walked off lik a straight G.

Mia P.O.V

When jen told me dat she was gon kill me i was a little scared at first, but then i thought she was just sayin dat so i wont talk to "future bae". So after that i went to science class nd asked Mr.Alsina could i speak to him outside. He said yes. So i told him everything Jen told me.  

  August P.O.V

I was so mad when Mia told me wat Jen said. I just punched a whole in da wall. Then mia said not to worry. I said ok, but in the inside im saying, im coming for dat ass Jen. So yuh better watch out. We walked back in the class room and seen Jen running back to her seat.

Mia P.O.V

I saw Jen running back to her seat. Jen if yuh don't stop ease dropping with yuh hoeing ass. Jen just looked at august and I lik she saw a ghost or sum. Cat got ur tounge didnt it. Now dont say nun else to me the rest of this got damn school year. Do yuh understand? i asked Jen. Y-ye-ye-yes she said stuttering. Yeah thats wat i thought i said. Mr.Alsina was just staring at me. I put on a show for him. I walked to my seat and act lik i didnt have a pencil. I went to Mr.Alsina desk and asked for a pencil. He gave me a pencil. I dropped the pencil on purpose, and bent ova in front of him. I looked back and saw him smiling hard asab.



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