Arriving in Nola

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Mia P.O.V

So we just got 2 our new house. And da house is straight So we got our bags out da car nd walked inside. Wen i tell ya da house was big it was big. I walked upstairs nd found dis big room. I decided im goin 2 b sleeping in dea. After we got settled in my mom started cooking dinner. When she finished cooking we all sat down and ate our steak, mash potatoes, and string beans. After I finished eating I went in da living room nd started watching spongebob. Den my mom and dad said i would b started skool 2ma. In my head im thinkin nooo i wasnt readyy. So i just said ok, but can yuh guys drive me. They said yes. Ok so jm going to go take a shower nd go 2 sleep. Goodnite mom nd dad. Goodnite honey, my mom and dad said




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