Getting Ready

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*Skips the rest of school*

Mia P.O.V

I got home and went straight to my bathroom to dye my hair to a goldish blonde color. After i finished it was 5:30. Then i went into the bathroom nd stripped out of my clothes. I went to find a song on my fone, i started playing trap queen. I then hopped in the shower for 30 minutes. When i got out i put on my undergarments. I put on my my lotion and body spray from bath and body works. Then i walked to my closet, and couldnt find a good outfit,i then picked out a yellow romper, and my gold heels. When i got dressed it was 6:45. I went into the bathroom and curled my hair. I looked in the mirror to check muself out, and i was on fleekkk. By then it was 7:35. So i decided to watch tv or a movie. I flipped through the channels until i got to spongebob. I was in my room dying laughing from dat show. I didnt even realize it was 7:55. So then i got up and went downstair to wait on "future bae". At 8:00 it was a knock on the door. I answered it and seen august standing there with a blue suit on. I just stared at him, and him must of notice bcause he was waving his hand in my face. Oh im sorry i said. Yuh good, i know yuh see sum yuh lik he said smirking. I just laughed at him.

August P.O.V

Yuh luk nice i said to mia. Well thank yuh she said. So yuh ready to go i said. Yupp mia said. We walked outside and got in my white ferrari. Mia just stopped and said is this urs. I said yea it is "future bae". She started blushing. Then i started blushing to. I dont know y i feel lik dis towards her. But im finna get dem digits.

*Skips the car ride



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