Get Buck Then

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Mia P.O.V

Can i help yuh? I asked her nicely. Yes df yuh can she said wit an attitude. How may i help yuh? i asked trying 2 stay calm. Ur in my muuuufuuckkiinn seat hoe she said laughing. I said i dont even no ur name so get out my face. Nd ION FIND NUN FUNNY IN DIS CLASS BUT YUH. ND IS UR NAME ON DA BOTTOM OF DIS SEAT? NOO..SO GET DF OUT MY FACE 4 I BEAT DAT ASS..OHH ND DON'T CALL ME A HOE!!

Jennifer P.O.V

My damn name is jennifer. Nd yuh ain't gon do squat HOEEE i said. Bitxh i aint gon hit yuh cus yuh ain't worth my time. Now go sit ur wanna b bad ass down Mia said.

(Jennifer in media)

Mia P.O.V

I sat back down in my seat nd started talking to kyra. Wat is up wit dat bitxh? I asked. Idek she just crazy in da head kyra said laughing. I ain't tryna get into no fights on my first day at dis skool i said.



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