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Catching Up

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Mia P.O.V

I was walking down the hall towards my locker wen i saw someone who looked familar. I walked up to her nd said is dat yuh kyra. Yes nd who are yuh kyra asked. Its me Mia Parker.

Kyra P.O.V

Omfg!!! Mia i missed yuh so freaking much. How have yuh been? Kyra asked. Ive been good how bout urself? I asked kyra. Ive been wonderful kyra said...

Mia P.O.V

Wat class do yuh have next i asked kyra. English wbu kyra asked. I have english to. Ayyee turn tf up!! We said semi yelling. We walked 2 class nd sat down at a table in da middle of da class. We started talking but got rudely interrupted by sum girl. Can i help yuh i asked. Yes df yuh can she said with an attitude.

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