Science Class

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Mia P.O.V

I walked in the class nd took a seat all da way in da back of the class. Then a sexy ass man walked in da door. I thought i died nd came back to life. Then he said Good Morning class, we have a new student named Mia Parker joining us today. Y dont chu come up here nd introduce urself he said. I walked to da front of da class nd said hi, my name is mia, im 17, nd im from Los Angeles. Wen i went 2 sit back down i saw Mr. Alsina biting his lip. I jus smiled nd put my head down. I can admit i think im crushing on my teacher. I don't know if it was accent, smile, or just his beauty, but he was finee. Mr.Alsina started talking i made sure i was listening 2 everything he was saying. *53 minutes later*  ok class dismissed Mr.Alsina said. Everyone got up nd left. I was walking out the door wen Mr.alsina called my name. I turned around smiling. Watchu smiling fo ma he ask showing off his accent. Its just dat ur soo sexyy i said. Oopps did u jus say dat out loud. Yeahh ya did Mr.Alsina said. Im soo sorry i said. Yuh good ma yuh sexy urself 2 he said. I started blushing so hard. Well i will see yuh around i said. Alright bye Mia Mr.Alsina said.



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