Starting School

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Mia P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my alarm playing Good Morning to yuh tha birds are chirping aahh, aahh. I got up went to my walk in closet, nd picked out a white half of shirt, ripped jumpsuit, and sum pink heels( in media.) I got dress then walked downstairs nd ate sum apple jacks. Then my mom ask me was i ready. I said yeah i guess. Aww cheer up baby its going to b alright my mom said. So my mom nd i got in the all black audi, and we was on our way. When we arrived at the skool i got out the car. And everybody was staring at me, i was lik df yuh lukin at. So i walked in the skool nd went to da principles office nd asked for my schedule. Mrs.Baker(the principle) gave me my schedule nd i was off to science class.



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