Ask Me On A Date

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Mia P.O.V

As kyra and I was walking to the lunchroom i was stopped by Mr.alsina. yes Mr.alsina i asked him. How would yuh feel lik going on a date wit me 2nite? He asked. Mr.alsina dont yuh think im tk young for yuh? I asked. Yuh dont have to call me Mr.alsnia, just call me august or future bae. Nd age aint nothing but a number. Wen he said dat i started blushing. Suree we can go on a date "future bae" i said. Ite ma, im gon pick yuh up at 8:00 sharp august said. I said ok nd turned to walk away, until i felt sum hard hit my butt. I looked back nd seen august laughing. I just smiled nd walked away.

Kyra P.O.V

Wat happened ova dere? i asked mia. Nothing she said. Something happened bcause yuh were ova dere for a whole year and yuh was cheesing from ear to ear. So spit it out i said. Fine mia said. Ok so august asked me pn a date 2nite nd i said yes nd wen i was walking away he hit my butt Mia said. Omg really happy for yuh but dont yuh think he's a little to old i asked Mia.. Age aint nothing but a number Mia said. Actually it's a word to b frfr i said.



Thxs for reading yuh guys

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