Almost Revealed

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August: if yuh dont mind me asking who are yuh??

??: im.....

*back 2 da story*

??: my name is Angela

August: ohhh..well thanks for busting in lik dat...

Angela: No problem...she's done this plenty of times befoe

August: it what is Jennifer to yuh?

Angela: well Jennifer is.....

Mia P.O.V

Mia: back did ya miss me...yeahh i kno ya did..but i been missing august lately...i wonder wea he is.. But little do ya kno i have a boo thang, his name is Tremaine. But i call him trey trey lol....but I'm omw to go meet up with Kyra

*gets to the place wea Kyra is*

Kyra P.O.V
Heeyyyy hoezz...i kno i been gon 4 awhile now but my bae been taking care of me. His name is Tremaine.

Kyra: i see Mia walking up to me..heeyy Mi-Mi

Mia: heyyy's been a longgg freaking time since i saw yhh..yuh don't be @ skool nomo...

Kyra: i kno i kno...i been busy lately.

Mia: wit wat *smirks*

Kyra: stuff *laughing*

*We start shopping*

*2 hours later*

Mia: byee booo

Kyra: bye huntyy

What is angela to jennifer??

Are kyra nd mia dating the same trey or different

Is august gon be mad....


Peace.Love Kaii

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