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Mia P.O.V

I woke up the next morning. I did my hygeine stuff, then got dressed for school. I put on a green aeropostale shirt, tan skinny jeans, my green and black kd's. I went downstairs and ate scrambled eggs, and bacon.

When i was finished my dad drove me to school. *skips drive*  When we pulled up to school I got out and walked in the school. Then i saw that thing Jennifer. She started walking up to me but i started to walk the other way. Then she had the nerve to pull my arm. I turned around and she had a grin on her face. What the hell you smiling for i asked. Oh nothing just dont miss ur crush to much she said. When she said that i just saw black. I grabbed her by her hair nd starting hitting her from left to right. She tried to hit me but i slammed her head into the locker. It took 2 teachers, and 2 football players to get me off of her. When i was being dragged to da office by the football players i yelled out if i miss my crush, your going to miss your soul. She looked scared when I said that.

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