Chapter 79: Holiday

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Photo: Olivia and Charlie in Molly's and Alexs bed..

Maisie's POV...
I woke up and saw Tyler next to me he said hey babe I said hi and kissed his lips we walked downstairs and my uncle jack was cooking breakfast I said hi uncle jack he said hi love you ok I said yeah and someone was running downstairs it was Olivia she said hi Maisie I said hello chicken and she jumped into my arms I said I am going to sunbathe today my mum walked in and said I will join you on that I laughed and my dad walked in and said where is everyone jack said in the dining room waiting for breakfast I said come on Olivia and Tyler we will join them...

For the rest of the week Maisie Tyler and the family's all went to 4 themes parks and meals they had a good holiday xx

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