Chapter 32: Molly and Alex Move House

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Molly's POV..
Me and Alex have decided to move house we have bought this house because we want more children and the house we had was quite small it's already furnished we don't want to do anything with it yet it has 6 bedrooms me and Alex have the biggest room we have gave Maisie a middle room and tommy and milde room their is 3 big rooms left I parked my car and Alex's car on the drive we have moved all our clothes and plates and spoons in the pool isn't in use yet it is covered up at the moment it has 2 floors you walk in the front door on your right is the living room and two French doors into the kitchen then on your right when you walk in is the dining room then straight in front of you is a long hallway to the back doors to the pool and kitchen with two back doors then windy stairs that go up to the second floor which has all 6 bedrooms Tommy's across from mine and Alexs then across the stairway is another four where Maisie's is and another 3 which are to big for Maisie at the minute we are changing one bedroom into a massive walk in wardrobe with all our clothes in and shoes I opened the bedroom which is wardrobe and the men started working I put all my clothes and Maisie's in the room and the men had done I put all my clothes away and Maisie and I put on the door walk in wardrobe Alex is using our wardrobe in our room and tommy has his own bedroom this is house is amazing.

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