Chapter 15: Maisie Wont Leave Her Dad

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PHOTO: collage as Maisie grew up Alex's best friends baby boy is who Alex is holding in the top left picture..

Alexs POV...
Molly is taking Maisie and tommy shopping today Molly said come on bakes let's go Maisie said no mummy I am staying she said baby come on she said no Molly said ok then you can stay with your dad she started crying...

Molly's POV...
I said Maisie give me a hug what's up she said mummy I want daddy to come shopping I said baby he can't daddy is going somewhere else to see nanny and grandpa she said but mummy I said sorry sweetie but daddy needs to go she said I will go with daddy I said ok and walked out the house with tommy put him in his car seat and drove to morrisons.

Alexs POV..
Maisie why didn't you go with mummy and she said I don't like shopping I said ok and parked up at my mums she said hi baby and oh hello Maisie Maisie ran into her arms..

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