Chapter 70: Shopping Day Crazy Money

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Molly's POV...
We are all going shopping my mum is looking after Charlie and Olivia..

Maisie's POV...
We have had a great day I have updated everything that I have ever had I can't wait to get home and unload everything we can hardly fit everything in the car my mum and dad have bought me
iPhone 6 plus
Timberland trainers
Micheal kors watch rose gold
Micheal kors bag brown leather
Micheal kors purse white
Fluffy white designer coat
Ugg boots
Converse white
Acrylic nails white pointy
Baige knee length button up coat designer
iPad air 2 white
Mac brush set
Black heels
Ted baker makeup bag
More mac makeup
And finally hair products I can't wait to get home and set up my phone and iPad and put all my stuff away we are going to TGIFS first before we pick up Olivia and Charlie and go home..

Molly's POV...
We had a massive shopping trip spent a lot of money Alex is driving to TGIFS Alex bought for himself
Ted baker leather jacket
Rolex watch black
Mac computer for his office
Crew hair set
iPhone 6
Timberland boots brown
Two pairs of converse and I Alex bought my stuff we have a joint bank account 2 million is in every month i got
Chanel perfume
iPhone 6 plus which I need Maisie to set up for me
2 pandora rings
Cream leather jacket with black sleeves
Black knee boots
Micheal kors bag black
Micheal kors watch silver
Micheal kors purse black
Had my nails done with Maisie I had black pointy
Black ankle boots
Black plain leather coat
Mac lipstick
And a case for my new phone..

Tommy's POV...
The shopping trip was amazing I didn't get much I didn't want too much I already have loads and I have just got bought a new tv and 6 new caps I got
Crew hair set
Boss aftershave
iPhone 6
Ted baker leather jacket
Converse black leather
Converse burgundy
iPad air black
Timberland boots...

Maisie's POV...
We finally got home I opened the front door I got my 21 bags out of the boot and tommy got his 12 bags out and my mum and dad drove off and went to get Olivia and Charlie I walked upstairs put my iPhone 6s on charge to turn it on got my laptop turned that on put my timberland uggs converse in my shoe wardrobe put my micheal kors watch on my bed side table emptied all the stuffing out of my new micheal kors bag got my old one transferred everything over and my purse I put my old bag and purse outside my door my mum has them and I put my bag on my arm chair in my room I took off my new fluffy coat hung it up with my new baige coat I put my iPad air in the new case and put it on charge then I got my new makeup bag out it's a massive ted baker bow bag and I put all my new mac brushes in and makeup and put that on my makeup table I put all my hair products in my bathroom and put my black heels in my shoe wardrobe..

I walked into Tommy's room and he had put all his stuff away I said hey bro want to give me your old phone and new phone and I will transfer everything over by my laptop he said sure thanks sis I walked into my room turned on my music and shut my door I turned on my laptop plugged in my old phone and I made a folder called Maisie's apps music photos and contacts and basically everything I synced my whole phone...

Molly's POV...
Me and Alex walked in Olivia and Charlie were fast asleep Alex took them upstairs I emptied all our bags from shopping I knocked in Maisie's door and she said come in I said babs will you do mine and your dads phone she said sure I am just still doing mine then Tommy's then yours and dads I said thanks babs and I shut her door...

Maisie's POV...
My phone was done I plugged in my new iPhone 6 plus and clicked on the folder I made and pressed transfer and it said wait 1 hour I lined up my brothers phone then my mums then my dads I made 3 folders ready to sync I went to go and see Olivia while my phone was getting all the stuff on it I walked out off my room into Olivia's and she was in her New York clothes I bought her she was crying I said hello sister she smiled I picked her up put her on my hip shut the door Charlie sleeps in my mums and dads room I took Olivia in my room I walked in and shut my room door I set Olivia on my knee in my room and she was Playing with her teddy and listening to my music.

My phone was done my old was useless now it has nothing on it I put it in my old phone box and I plugged in Tommy's and synced everything into his folder and put my iPhone 6 plus on charge and set my background and home screen and the layout I have it on and left it on charge on my bedside table and my phone went off I said hello it was Tyler he said hello babe how was your shopping trip I said it was amazing thanks babs I got the same phone as you iphone 6 plus he said no way I said way and we laughed then ok Olivia screamed he said is Olivia sat on your knee I said yeah he laughed and said hello Olivia and I laughed then he said sorry babs gtg I am having my tea see you soon I said bye and put the phone down Tommy's phone was done I plugged his new iPhone 6 black and silver into my laptop and pressed transfer and it said 30 min wait he hasn't got as much on his phone as I did..

Tommy's POV....
I have set up my iPad air it's right good I went into my sisters room and I saw her stroking Olivia's head she was falling asleep I whispered he sis have you got my new phone and old phone she said yeah and gave me them both mums phone was plugged in she was syncing mums phone I walked into my room turned off my music and my light got into bed turned off my iPad and went on my phone it's half 9...

Molly's POV...
I walked upstairs and I walked into Maisie's room it was really quick I saw Maisie laid down with Olivia next to her Olivia was fast asleep I said hi baby and sat next to her I said who's phone are you on she said yours mum it is just transferring it said 15 mins left I said ok I said shall I take Olivia back to bed Maisie said no I will take her when I go to bed I said ok and kissed Maisie's head..

Alexs POV...
Molly walked back downstairs and we carried on watching X factor we love it tommy was on his phone with his light turned off Maisie is watching Olivia asleep next to her whilst syncing our phones and Charlie is fast asleep in his cot I walked upstairs I walked into mine and Molly's room and I saw my new phone and old phone on my bedside table and Molly's new phone and old phone I got our new phones and walked downstairs I walked into Olivia's room she was in bed asleep and her little lamp was on and music I walked into Maisie's room she was fast asleep and her lights were off and laptop I love my girls I walked downstairs and gave Molly her new phone and I said Maisie has done them she said I love our Maisie I said yeah me too..

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