Chapter 67: Mollys Children

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This photo is tommy he is 16 now x

Alexs POV...
Me and Molly have got many kids now we are going away on holiday soon they have grown up so much we have
Maisie who is 18
Tommy who is 16
Olivia who is 2 and 2 months
And finally Charlie who was born yesterday

Molly's POV...
Maisie and Tyler and still together tommy hasn't seen Tilly for abit they still go out though I walked downstairs to see Maisie playing with Olivia Olivia loves Maisie she is always crawling over to Maisie Charlie is so cute bless him.

Maisie's POV...
I have got college today tyler is coming over to ours at half 8 we had an amazing party the other night at Tyler's house it was amazing.

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