Chapter 29: Alex goes back to work

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Photo: this is Alex's workforce Alex is the man middle row the man on the end on the left with the dark hair ( middle left on the end)...

Molly's POV..

Today Alex is going back to work maisie is going to school and Tommy is going to nursery for half a day I am going shopping and then picking tommy up at 1 and picking Maisie up at half 3 I walked upstairs Maisie was playing on her iPad I said morning baby and she laughed Alex walked in and said see you later guys I will be back from work at half 4 I said ok and he gave me a hug and kissed Maisie and went into Tommy's room and brought him into Maisie's room then Alex left..

Alexs POV....
I love working as a fireman in london it's amazing I parked up and all my mates said hey Alex is back they all shook my hand and we laughed I walked inside got changed into my fireman outfit and went to my office..

Molly's POV...
Maisie is dressed in her little white dress and shoes they don't have a uniform at Maisie's school she walked downstairs and got her school bag I got Tommy's outfit his little chinos and converse top and trainers and carried him downstairs I got my car keys and handbag and walked to my car and we drove to Maisie's school and we walked her into the yard she ran off into her class and I drove to Tommy's nursery and dropped him off.

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