Chapter 53: Bowling

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Maisie's POV...
It's 6 I clock I strapped Olivia into her car seat tommy jumped in the middle I jumped in after then my mum got in and put her hand on my leg and said are you ok baby I said yeah mum it hurts still knowing that he would do something like that but I will get over it my mum winked at me and my dad jumped and we set off I had my new denim jacket and my phone in my hand and I got a text.
Tyler Green 😘: Hey are you ok ?
To Tyler Green😘: yeah thanks thanks for your help today..
Tyler Green 😘: Anytime xx

My dad parked up and I saw my auntie Joanna's car the people that have come today are auntie Joanna uncle Richard my cousins Ella and Ellie Ellie is 17 same age as me Ella is only 12 she was adopted my uncle jack and auntie Ruby Jessica and Jordan Jessica is 17 and Jordan is 16 my uncle Harry and auntie Taylor Louis who is 17 Harvey who is 16 and he is adopted and Kyle is 20 living in Manchester ( I have made him younger 26 was to old it wouldn't have worked) he is living in Manchester we don't see him anymore and my mums best friends Lydia and Liam and Lewis who is 17 Stacey and Steve who's the house party is and their daughter Georgia who is 20 ( I have made her younger too 27 is to old it wouldn't have worked Stacey can't have her when she is 8 so she had her when she was 15) and Claire and Dan Alice is 19 ( I have made her younger she is to old she was 25 I changed it to 19 Claire had her when she was 15) Chelsea who is 17 and Amy who is 18 and she was adopted.

I jumped out of the car I unstrapped Olivias belt and I put her on my hip she started laughing I gave Olivia to my dad I put on my denim jacket put my phone in my pocket and my dad gave me back Olivia she smiled at me then we walked inside everyone was inside the kids have two lanes and the adults have two lanes on my lane was
Maisie 17 me first
Tommy 15
Jordan 16
Jessica 17
Ellie 17
Ella 12
Louis 17
Harvey 16
Lewis 17

2nd lane
Georgia 20
Alice 19
Chelsea 17
Amy 18

Adults lane

2nd lane

Molly's POV...
The kids have lanes 10 11 and the adults have 12 and 13 me and Alex are on 12 Maisie and tommy are on 10 I went first I got my ball and Alex said don't drag yourself along with the ball I said shut up Alex and I got a strike Maisie got one too I said hi five girl she gave me a high five then oh crap Daniel Casey Casey's brother Mitchell and his wife Michelle all walked in and went on lane 14 next to Lydia and Liam I grabbed Stacey Lydia and Claire I said girls that girl that Daniel is with is his wife Casey he cheated on Maisie with her he was using Maisie do not speak to him whatever you do they said we won't babs and they carried on playing I walked over to Maisie's lane and she was playing with Olivia on her knee I said hey babe how are you she said I am ok mum thanks I said good..

Maisie's POV...
My phone was ringing I said hello it was Courtney she said hey babe come outside I said why she said just come outside I went outside and Sam Courtney Tyler Robbie and all the boys they said wanna play a game I said come on and we all walked inside we had lane 9 next to Tommy's lane I removed my name from Tommy's lane and we set up next to Tommy's lane it was

Lane 9
Maisie moo

Lane 8
We were all sat together Tyler dragged me on his knee and tickled me he said are you ok now I said yeah I am fine thanks I don't care anymore I have you lot as true friends we all screamed my mum came over and said hey guys I said hey mum she said what are you all doing I said I have bought us all two games each I am on lane 9 and they are on lane 8 the rest of the boys I said ok guys enjoy..

Molly's POV....
I walked over to Alex and said look babe she is having fun with her real friends over on lane 8 and 9 Alex said when did they come I said about 20 mins ago that new boy Tyler has something for our Maisie I don't think she can see it me and Alex laughed we are only a third through our first game I am wining then Joanna my sister we are the best..

Daniels POV...
I heard laughing and screaming I looked next to us on lane 13 12 oh crap it was Maisie's family I couldn't see her though then I looked on lane 11 10 I could see her brother and baby sister then I looked on lane 9 and 8 and oh no I saw Robbie Maisie Tyler Courtney Sam oscar and all them I don't think they even know I am here they will soon though...

Maisie's POV...
I bowled my ball and yeah I got another strike Tyler said wow we have a smarty pants I laughed and said haha very funny and I sat next to him then Courtney said Maisie coke to toilet babe I want to take selfies I said ok I walked to the toilet and we walked inside and took loads of selfies then Casey walked in I said hey she said hey girls I said what are you doing here she said me Daniel my brother Mitchell and his wife Michelle are here I said ok good luck she said thanks then I walked out of the toilets and looked at lane 8 and I saw Daniel I started crying Tyler said babe what's up I said he is here Tyler said who I said Daniel he said where I said look at lane 8 he said oh well babe we won't let him ruin our game we are having fun I said you are right...

Daniels POV...
I threw a ball across the bowling alley and it smashed up Maisie's alley she looked at me I said oops sorry the man came down and said what happened I said sorry sir my hand slipped he said they will have to move to lane 15 next to you I said ok go and tell them..

Maisie's POV...
I screamed pathetic my mum said Maisie baby what's wrong she said Daniel just threw a ball over here when he was getting a new one and smashed the alley so now we have to move on to lane 15 next to his my mum said babe don't worry we are only two lanes away I said ok mum and we all moved to lane 15 and I took my ball i got another strike Tyler said I am strapping your hands together so you can't another go I said no and screamed on lane 15 was me Tyler Courtney and Sam Robbie the boys moved to lane 16 I jumped on Tyler's knee he smiled Daniel huffed and puffed and sat down Casey sat next to him and said don't let it get to you...

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