Chapter 41: 11 years later

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Photo: Top left is tommy now he is 15 top right is Alex he is 34 now bottom left is Molly she is 34 and bottom right is Maisie she is now 17..

Maisie's POV...
Mum I am going out with Daniel my mum said ok baby don't be long then tommy said mum I am walking to Tilly's see ya later I said bye stinky he said shut up dad said Maisie move along I said bye and walked to the bus stop..

Molly's POV...
I can't believe how fast my babies have frown up Maisie is 17 and has a boyfriend Daniel Daniel is an amazing guy they have been together for a year tommy is 15 and has a girlfriend called Tilly they have been together 6 months then their is me and Alex who are now 34 we are so old I walked downstairs and my phone was ringing I said hello it was Joanna she said hey sis wanna go shopping I said sure I will be over in abit..

Hey guys I have skipped 11 years because I got bored writing about babies all the time I wanted Molly and Alex to have grown up children here are the characters 11 years later

Molly 34
Alex 34
Maisie 17 Daniel Maisie's boyfriend 18
Tommy 15 Tilly Tommy's girlfriend 15

Jack 34
Ruby 33
Jessica 16
Jordan 15

Joanna 34
Richard 35
Ellie 16
Ella 11

Josh 37
Vicky 37
Poppy 15
Daisy 15

Harry 34
Taylor 34
Louis 16
Harvey 15
Kyle 20

Lydia 34
Liam 35
Lewis 16

Stacey 34
Steve 35
Georgia 19

Claire 34
Dan 35
Alice 19
Chelsea 16
Amy 17

Hope you enjoy guys

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