Chapter 9: Mollys and Alexs Wedding Part 2

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Molly's POV....
We can't get married without the rings he laughed and said I love you Molly betts I said I love you too Harry got the rings from Tommy's changing bag and gave them to Alex I started crying Alex said babe what is it I said the rings is beautiful and he kissed me then the women said I pronounce you husband and wife we smiled at each other then Claire said photo time....

The photo above is Molly and Alex

The photos that were taken were
Alex and Molly tommy and Maisie
Claire Molly Joanna Ruby Taylor Lydia
Claire Alice and Chelsea
Joanna Richard and Molly
Jack and Molly
Harry Alex and tommy and Louis
Molly and her mum Mary
Molly and her dad mark
Alex and his mum Amanda
Alex and his dad Alan
Maisie Alice Chelsea Ellie Jessica
Tommy Molly
Maisie Molly.. And a lot more

Alexs POV...
We are all sat at the reception me and Molly dancing we have to be at the airport tomorrow morning at half 6 Maisie and tommy are staying at My mums I said would you care to dance Molly hill she said yes I would babe and stood up and we danced together Harry came over and Molly said Alex let me dance with Harry I said ok babe and Harry put his arms around my waist and we danced then Jack Molly's brother went over and said I will take over..

Molly's POV...
Jack picked me up and spun me round he said I have lost my little sister I said don't he daft and I am still here just not a Johnson anymore he laughed and lifted me up and put me on his back then Joanna came and pulled me off and she said can I have a little dance with my sister I said let's have a picture with my brother and sister...

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