Chapter 56: Maisie Cant Believe She Kissed Tyler

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Photo: Maisie told her mum about her kissing Tyler ..

Maisie's POV...
I can't believe that I kissed Tyler yesterday I am not ready for a relationship yet I heard a car and it was Tyler and Courtney I jumped on to Tyler's waist I said hello he said hello can I talk to you alone I said sure he said the kiss yesterday I loved it but I think we should wait abit until we date I said yeah totally and we laughed and Tyler gave me a hug I said let's go inside everyone is here but Robbie..

Robbie's POV..
I am not very well my phone went off it was Maisie I said hello she said where are you I said I am not very well babe I have got a really had cold she said oh right see you tomorrow hopefully..

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