Chapter One

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Hello! Some of you might know me from my book 'A new Sadder daze' but I left the creepypasta fandom and wanted to start new. I was going to fix up the book but decided it was a lost cause and just deleted it. I don't want to be associated with the creepypasta fandom anymore and focus on my own original books. So I present to you! 

The boy behind the loser!




The morning started like any other. Get up, get dressed, skip breakfast, go to school, go to practice, get home, do homework, go to sleep, and repeat. Every day until the weekend. That's when I like to stay home and just relax. Or leave to go to the park because my Uncle is arguing with my aunt again. Life starts getting repetitive like that until summer or graduation. It's like I'm always on autopilot and I can't seem to shake it.

Today wasn't like any of those days. Today was different. Another F in English and now I have to have a tutor. Just great. I guess it's true what they say, football players are pretty dumb. But it's English? I speak and write it just fine. It feels pointless to take this class.

I sigh as I head to my next class, pretty pissed that I have to spend all my lunches with a tutor until I can get my grades up. Or when the tutor gives up on me. Hopefully, it'll be the first option. I really don't want to be benched for the rest of the season. Football is literally my only saving grace with all this pent-up anger. Can't take it out on someone's face without getting into trouble.

I walk through the hallways before entering my math class and sitting next to Jay and Ryan. Two members of the football team.

"So, what did Mr. Meyers want with you?" Jay asked

"I got another F on my test" I sigh "Now I have to have a tutor"

"Seriously!?" Ryan laughed "Sucks to be you!"

"Shut up" I roll my eyes. I was already pissed about the situation as it was. I didn't need anyone teasing me about it.

"Come on. Don't get all pissy about. Having a tutor isn't all that bad. Don't wanna be benched" Jay said as he leaned back in his chair.

I sighed. "I guess you're right but fuck" I said as I ran my hands over my face, slightly stressed about everything "Now I have to spend all my lunches with this tutor. Not how I'd like to spend my only break in the day"

"I feel you," Ryan said as he patted my shoulder. I shoot him a glare and he quickly pulled his hand away from my shoulder and places it in his lap. "Hey, maybe it'll be a hot nerdy girl. Like that one girl! Jessica! I think her name is" He says, trying to make light of the entire situation.

"Highly doubt it," I say, not in the mood to be cheered up. I just wanted this to be over. Be some sort of nightmare, maybe? And I'll magically wake up and the day will restart and that F would have never existed. Then I wouldn't have to be dealing with any of this.

"Alright, class. Stop talking and get your notes out" Mr. Kase announced to the class and the students shut up and did as they were told. Just like when every class starts.

I get my notebook out and open it to the last page I had written notes on, tapping my pencil on the page as I watched the teacher point to the smartboard and talk about geometry, though, I didn't pay any attention. I felt my mind blanking and couldn't pay attention to anything the teacher was saying and soon, the bell rang and I began to gather everything up. Packing it all away in my bag and leaving the classroom.

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