Chapter Seven

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I paced back and forth by the door. Screaming filled the entire house. God, why did they have to decide to fight today? Why isn't my uncle at a bar or poker party? Couldn't they have just gotten along for one day? Is that really too much to ask for?

"I'm the only one that provides anything in this house!" My uncle yells at his wife.

"I'm the only one that cleans around here! I swear you're nothing but a pig!" My aunt fires back.

Their constant arguing didn't make any sense to me. They kept going back and forth, bringing up different subjects to the point where they were just screaming profanities at each other. It hurts my head and makes me extremely agitated and fidgety. Not to mention, Alek was coming over, and I really don't want him to have to deal with their arguing.

The doorbell rings, and I scream that I'll get it but, I highly doubt they heard me or the doorbell with all their arguing. I open the door and grabbed Alek's wrist, dragging him away from the house. I felt better now that Alek's cool and calming sensation washed over me, but I pushed it away until we got to the park.

The park was nothing special. There was a pretty nice playground that the neighborhood kids liked to play on, a picnic shelter for birthday parties or picnics, a small restroom/storage building, a river off in a slightly wooded area, and benches scattered about for people to sit down, watch their kids or feed the birds.

I let go of Alek's wrist and sit down on one of the benches. Internally sighing and letting the cool and calming wintery sensation just wash over me. My anger, stress, and anxiety just disappearing, like it wasn't even there. I definitely needed this. God, I feel like a drug addict. Addicted to someone's presence.

Alek sits down next to me, but we don't talk. I don't even know what to talk about. I just dragged him out here without any warning, and I'm positive he heard the arguing. The entire neighborhood could hear their arguing!

I look over at Alek and see that he's spaced out, with that glazed-over look in his eyes. It still creeps me out no matter how many times I see it. It seriously looks like he just up and died out of nowhere. It sends shivers up my back, but yet, I'm so curious about it. How can he make his eyes do that? That shouldn't be normal. Alek is such a strange and weird mystery, and I want to know more. It's alluring.

I let my gaze fall from looking at his eyes to looking at the notebook in his lap. He was unconsciously drawing and writing in it. Crowns, stars, planets, spaceships, suns, pill bottles, cities, arrows. Just small little doodles that filled the entire page, but there were also quotes, or ideas written here and there.

'The lights flashed different colors, beaming down on the people below as they danced the night away'

'The stars glimmered in the summer night. The trees rustling in the wind, the crickets chirping softly, and the occasional car driving on the dirt road nearby'

'The city breathed with life. Music on every corner, people chatting to one another or on their phones, cars passing by, honking at each other'

They were like a start or parts of a story, but they were written here and there on the page as if they were just ideas or things he thought of on a whim and had to write them down before they disappeared. It was interesting. A look inside Alek's head. Even if it was just a glimpse, I could tell he was creative, artistic, and unbelievably imaginative. Everything I'm not.

I watch Alek doodle on the crowded page until he stops, tapping the pencil on the paper like he's thinking, but then just stops. I look up to see Alek smiling down at me and I blush a bit from embarrassment. "Sorry, I shouldn't have-"

"I daydream" Alek cuts me off.

I'm speechless. I don't know what to say. What can you say when someone just blurts out that they daydream. Doesn't everyone daydream every now and again?

Alek closes his notebook, placing it in his bag before standing up and slinging his bag over his shoulder. He then turns to me and grabs my hand, pulling me to my feet. His touch is cold but isn't like ice cold. The wintery sensation filling my lungs like ice water, but I'm not drowning. It's more like I'm welcoming the ice water. As weird as that sounds.

 He smiles at me and I'm still speechless. I have no idea what's happening anymore. He starts walking and I mindlessly follow but when we walk a few feet away from where we were, I quickly pull my hand away from him, some of my senses coming back to me. I feel embarrassed. Like a child.

Alek doesn't seem to care. He just keeps walking in front of me and I follow. How does he have so much confidence when he's constantly bullied? Why does he make me feel this way? Does he know that he's making me feel this way? I need to know. What is wrong with this loser?

We get to my house, and it's quiet for once. I shrug it off, assuming my uncle had just gone to the bar or the cops were finally called and he's being held. My aunt will bail him out later if that's the case. Wouldn't be the first time and most certainly won't be the last.

I cut in front of Alek to get to the door first, carefully opening it and looking around to make sure my aunt or uncle wasn't around. I didn't actually ask if I could have someone over and I didn't feel like getting scolded for that. 

Once I determine that the coast is clear, I walk in and head straight up the stairs to my room, gesturing for Alek to follow me. I walk into my room and wait for Alek to step in before shutting and locking the door. It was a habit of mine. I didn't like anyone barging into my room. And I most certainly didn't like it when my uncle would drunkenly walk in and start scolding me about how grateful I should be for them letting me stay in their home or I would be in the foster care system or an orphanage. Pisses me off.

I sit at my desk with a sigh, glad that it's finally quiet in the house. It was relieving and with Alek's presence in the room, made me relax more. It was peaceful and calm, I relished in this moment. My head felt clear, I wasn't worried about anything, and I felt a little happy.

I looked over at Alek who was pulling things out of his bag and I looked at him, confused about what he was doing. "Since I'm here, might as well help you with your English a bit," He smiled and I groaned. I did not want to do homework or any type of schoolwork for that matter on a weekend. 

Alek rolled his eyes as he walked over to me with a folder in hand. "We'll start with this and on Monday, we'll begin that book your class started," He said and I just smile, shaking my head. Who voluntarily does school work on a weekend? Apparently this loser.



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