Chapter Nine

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The next morning, I'm awoken by my aunt and uncle fighting. I'm pretty sure my aunt threw a glass cup at the wall, and that's what startled me awake, but I push it to the side. I'm already awake, and I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep with all their arguing.

I rip the covers off of my body and sit up in bed. Stretching my arms out and hearing my shoulder pop. It hurt a little, mainly because I stayed in the workout room the entire practice and did nothing but lift weights. Probably a bad idea in hindsight.

I get up and rummage through my clothes, slipping on anything that looked like it matched. I didn't bother turning on my light, I didn't want my uncle or aunt to know that I was awake or they'd probably come knocking at my door to start yelling at me for something I didn't do or couldn't control. I don't understand why they don't get divorced already.

I look in the mirror and run a brush through my dark brown hair and look at my olive-tanned skin, tracing the bags under my hazel green eyes. They didn't look as bad as they usually were. I wonder if it's because I've been hanging out with Alek so much.

I shake the thought off and slip my letterman jacket on and tie my shoes. I grab my phone off the charger and sling my book bag over my shoulder. I leave my room, the voices of my aunt and uncle arguing filling my ears. I just roll my eyes, hurrying down the stairs, and out the door. I didn't want to deal with them at all. I never do.

On days like this, I would usually go to Nick's house to hang out for a bit before walking to school together but we weren't on good terms any longer so I just headed straight for the school. It wasn't far. About 5 to 8 minutes away.

When I get there, I sit on a brick wall that lined the edges of a pathway that leads up to one of the entrances. It was weird being at school this early in the morning. No one was walking around, talking to their friends, it was a barren ghost town. Not to mention it was still dark out now that the beginning of November was starting. It was also kinda cold.

I sigh and watch my hot breath leave my mouth in a puff of fog. For once, I didn't feel as tired as I usually did. It was a nice feeling. Then, that wintery sensation filled my lungs and flowed through my veins. Alek was close by.

I smile as he walks up to me from my left and sits down next to me. "Didn't think you would ever come to school early." He says, a soft smile on his pale lips. He was right. I would never come to school this early, but here I was. Bright and early while also feeling more alive than I had ever felt before.

"How did you like my dream journal?" He asks, looking up at me and I look down at him.

I shrug, "It was pretty strange and weird, to be honest."

Alek laughs and I can't help but think that he should laugh more often.

"Yeah, it is pretty weird but hey, don't blame me. Blame my creativity" He says

I roll my eyes. "Whatever you say, loser." I smile. I don't think I've ever smiled as much as I have when I'm around him. He just makes me feel less angry, more open, more normal.

I look at his eye and see that's it's almost completely healed. The bruise is gone but the cut is still there. "How's your eye?" I ask, changing the subject without really meaning to. I just wanted to keep the conversation rolling.

"It's getting better. Doesn't hurt at all anymore. Oh! And I finally got a new pair of glasses!" He turns towards his bag, rummaging through it before pulling out a light blue glasses case and opening it up to reveal basically the exact same pair he had before. Round with a silver frame. 

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