Chapter Four

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The rest of the week went by with nothing interesting happening, besides the fact that I'm actually getting the hang of my English class. I still haven't gotten my F up, but I'm getting there, hopefully. It's a struggle and, I'm sure I'm not the greatest person to work with or the most cooperative. 

I walk out of the locker room with my duffle bag slung around my shoulder and a football in my hands. It was Friday night so, I had just played a game. We won, of course, but mainly due to the fact we were playing against Grandsfeild high. They really suck.

As I walked through the parking lot, I catch a glimpse of light blue hair that I knew all too well. I walk a bit closer and, sure enough, there's Alek, sitting on the hood of a car. He was leaning back, his hands behind him to help support his body weight, and he was looking up. The clouds covered the sky and the light from the stadium polluted the air so, it wasn't like he could do any stargazing. He would have to go out to the country for that.

I toss the ball back and forth in my hands. I couldn't quite tell but, I was sure his eyes were glazed over, ignoring the real world and living in whatever imaginative world he created. 

I stare at him a bit longer until an idea crossed my mind. I smirked and threw the ball at Alek, hitting the side of his head and successfully knocking off his glasses. I'm positive he only wears them for the aesthetic or something like that.

Alek seems shocked at what had just happened to him. He looked very much like that shocked Pikachu meme. He looked over at me and, his facial expression turned into a scowl. I just smiled as I walked over to him and picked up both my football and his glasses.

"That was rude," He said, glaring at me. Which, I deserve.

I shrug and place the ball under my armpit as I look at his glasses. "These aren't real, right?" I ask

"You would be correct," He said, quite bitterly if I may add, and tried to snatch them away from me, but I pulled my arm away just in time.

I smile, feeling the rush of coolness flow through me. It was nice. I really enjoyed being in Alek's presence just to feel this winter coolness. To let it wash over my anger until it disappeared. No one else's presence had this effect on me. Why did he?

I shrug off the question, not bothered to find out the answer. "You look stupid with them on," I comment.

"I don't care what you think, so can you please give the back?" He pleaded. He was leaning closer to me, trying to reach for the glasses. He was clearly unamused.

"Sure" I smile and place the glasses back on his face instead of just handing them to him. He blushed. At least, I think he did. It was too dark to tell and the lights were casting a shadow over his face, probably mine as well.

"You were good. Though, Grandsfeild always sucks. You were good," Alek complimented and, I was shocked. Was my tutor, the one that spaces out, gives me cryptic explanations about what I'm supposed to do, and is just a straight-up loser freak, complimenting me? And was I happy? Proud? That he had? This is too weird for me.

"Uh, thanks," I say, my turn to blush and I hope to god, shadows casted over my face so that he couldn't see it. This. Was. Embarrassing.

"Yeah, hopefully, you'll get your grade up so you can continue playing. I got some extra credit work from Mr. Meyers, so we'll be working on that Monday." He explained as he slid off the car hood and planted his feet on the ground before walking closer to me. A rush of cool, calming winter air passing through me. And now that we were standing close together, I finally realize how short Alek is compared to me. It was actually quite funny. 

"Uh, yeah," I say, realizing I hadn't said anything for a good minute or two. "I need to get home. See ya around," I say, almost shyly before I rush past him without bothering to hear him say goodbye or something like that.

As soon as I'm away from Alek, I start to feel that cool, calming winter air effect start to wear off. I hated that it only accorded when I was around Alek. He has got to be some type of witch that put a spell on me so, I would get addicted to his presence and would want him around more often. But in retrospect, that was just too fucking weird. Even for Alek.

I walk into my house and go straight to my room. The house was oddly quiet, guess my uncle decided to go drinking. I set my duffle bag next to my bed before falling onto my bed with a groan. The sensation I get whenever Alek was close to me had now worn off and I was actually missing it.

I sigh and swing my legs onto my bed and grab my phone from the pocket of my letterman jacket. Two messages from jay and I groan. He's probably asking me why I'm not at the burger joint with the rest of the team.

I tap on the notifications and read the text messages.

'Saw you with that loser'

'You seemed happy to be around with him. What's that about?'

I roll my eyes. "Shit" I groan and try to figure out how to respond to him. At least it was just Jay and not Nick, Ryan, or Jaxson. God, I hate Jaxson. Pretty sure I have him blocked.

            'I threw a ball at him. Then he started talking about extra credit he was going to help me with on Monday'

            'Since he's my tutor and all'

I responded. Hopefully, that was enough to satisfy his curiosity. I really didn't want him to get into my business. 


'He's really weird. Nick has been telling me all the things you've said about him. Be careful. He might be a witch or something'

He warns.

            'Yeah, whatever'

I text back, rolling my eyes, even though I literally thought he was a witch not even ten minutes ago. 

'Anyways, try not to catch his loserness'

He texted and I growl.

            'Shut up. You're the loser'

I text back in a rush, not thinking about what I had texted. I reread it and groaned, tossing my phone to the side before running my hands over my face. "Great, he's going to think that I like Alek. Fuck."

My phone buzzes once, then again, and I don't bother picking it up and reading the texts. I know they're from Jay, asking what the hell that meant and I don't have the time or patience to answer his questions. I'll just deal with it on Monday.

The weekend flew by in a flash. I didn't talk to Jay about Friday night after the game. I think he could tell I was in a really pissed-off mood and didn't want to piss me off anymore, which I'm thankful for. Really didn't want to deal with that.

I was now sitting next to Alek, soaking in that cool and calming sensation as I actually did my work. Alek was spacing out like normal, with that same glazed-over look in his eyes. I didn't bother with trying to get him to help me. It was better if I didn't get attached to him, no matter how he made me feel.

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