Chapter Fourteen

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I wait in the library, counting down the seconds, eagerly waiting for Alek to arrive. A part of me thinks he won't show up, but I know he will. He always does. He has to. Considering Alek told Mr. Meyres I wasn't showing up, he would show up today. Right?

I tap my pencil rapidly on the table, waiting, waiting to feel his wintery sensation flood my senses. To wash over me in a wave of calm and coolness. To cure me of my anger, anxiety, and irritation. I hated that I relied on Alek like a drug but honestly, I just couldn't help it. Not to mention, there's more to Alek that meets the eye and I plan on figuring what exactly he's hiding.

The bell rings and I wait for another minute or two before Alek walks in, his wintery sensation flooding my senses, washing away every negative emotion I felt. I let out a content sigh, finally getting the relief that I desperately needed. Everything just felt so much better when Alek was around. I don't understand it and I don't care too.

"You need to stop skipping classes," Alek says as he sets down his binder before sitting in his seat, not even glancing up at me. Which, to be fair, I deserved but I couldn't help but feel hurt. He was being so cold towards me and it actually made me feel sad. I don't want Alek to give me the cold shoulder. It hurts too much. I don't even know why, it just does.

"I'm sorry," I start, "I'm sorry for pushing the subject. I had no right and you have all the right to be upset with me." I apologize, feeling really guilty. My throbbing hand reminding me of that fact. "I actually thought you would stop tutoring me after that. I'm sorry" I said, looking down at the table, only taking small glances at Alek.

He stays quiet for a moment, a moment that basically killed me, before sighing and looking at him. Our eyes meeting and I got a little hopeful. "You're right." He states, and I feel my heart being ripped a little as he crosses his arms. "You had no business pushing that subject when I told you to drop it." His glare was like daggers to me. Making me feel even more guilty about what I did. "But I forgive you. It's natural for a human to be curious about things they witnessed." He says with a small smile, his features softening as he uncrossed his arms.

I breathe a sigh of relief, glad that Alek forgives him. Glad that things can go back to normal between the two of them. He was happy. "So, are we good?" I ask, just to make sure.

"Yeah, but don't bring it up again. That's my business and I don't want you getting involved." He says, shooting me a stern look and I nod, glad that there are no hard feelings between the two of us and we can go back to being friends. If that's what you can even call the two of us? I'm still really unsure about the whole thing.

"I won't, I promise," I smile at him.

"Good, now grab your book. I hope you still continued to write a paragraph on each chapter." He tells me and I groan, notifying him that I, in fact, didn't do it, but he just smiles at me, shaking his head. Almost like he knew I wouldn't have done it when I decided to skip that full week.

"At least show me what you have done." He says and I nod. Reaching into my bag and pulling out a notebook. I hand it to him and his smile is gone in an instant when he sees my busted knuckles.

"Walter! What happened!?" Alek exclaims, taking my hand instead of the notebook. A shockwave of his wintery sensation rushes through me, invading my veins, turning my blood to ice water, but it was welcoming. The feeling felt amazing. Like I was being energized, as weird as that sounds.

"Walter!" Alek says, redirecting my attention away from how he was making me feel and to the worried expression on his face. I bit my lip. Alek was worried about me. He cared about me. I mean, he's a caring person, but it feels nice to be actually cared for. Especially the fact that it was Alek who was caring about me right now.

"I uh, I might've punched a wall," I tell him, embarrassed by the fact that I had punched a wall. It wasn't the smartest idea and definitely had its consequences. He almost felt bad that he was making Alek worried because of a stupid decision he had made on a whim. It was really stupid.

"You're stupid," Alek said, giving me an unamused look and I couldn't help but smile. He was cute. I couldn't deny it. And half the time, I couldn't take him seriously because of that fact.

He lets go of my hand and as soon as he does, I'm missing the feeling of his hand and the sensation he gave me when holding my hand. He grabs his bag and sets it in his lap before he starts digging through it. He pulls out a first aid kit and sets it on the table before he puts his bag back on the floor.

"Do you always have a first aid kit on you?" I ask, almost in disbelief. What kid has a first aid kit on them? Apparently this loser.

"Yeah, just in case I get injured or if someone else is injured." He says, shooting me a look when he says that last part. I know I should feel offended at that, but I just smile as I watch him open the first aid kit and take a few things out.

I don't think I've smiled this much in forever. Alek always makes me smile for some reason. Whether it was because of the way he phrases his sentences or when he gets excited that I actually successfully did my work. Whatever made him happy, I instantly became happy.

I watch as Alek takes one of the alcohol wipes and cleans off the dried blood and disinfects the wound. I hiss in pain and Alek looks up at me with a worried expression. "Sorry, guess I should've given you some kind of warning before I did that." He apologizes.

"No. No, you're fine. You don't have to be sorry." I reassure him, giving him a comforting smile and he nods. Going back to what he was doing while I bite my tongue, trying to keep the pain to myself.

Once he's done, he applies some Neosporin and then wraps a bandage around my hand. "There. All done." Alek smiles up at me and I smile back at him. Reaching my now bandaged hand over and ruffling his hair. His hair is surprisingly really soft. Still needs to be redyed.

"Thanks, loser," I smile as I watch him crinkle his nose and remove my hand from his hair.

"Don't do that." He pouts, sticking his bottom lip out and furrowing his eyebrows. My heart skips a beat and I'm speechless. I've already admitted that he's cute, I'll give him that, but this was next-level cuteness. What the hell? And why do I think a guy is cute? I'm not attracted to guys.

"Uh, sorry" I quickly say, looking away from him and from the corner of my eye, I can see him tilt his head slightly to the side in confusion. I have to fight back a blush that was slowly creeping its way onto my face. Thank god for my natural tanned skin that hides it for the most part.

"Anyways. We should continue our lesson." I tell him, sliding the notebook over to him, avoiding any and all eye contact. What the hell is wrong with me? Something has to be wrong with me.

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