Chapter Ten

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I sat in the principal's office, barely listening to what he was saying. I was too focused on trying to remember the fight. I know how it started and how it ended but I don't remember anything in between and that's what was bothering me. How could someone just not remember smashing their fist into someone's face? I wanted to remember, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't.

I was also freaking out about what my uncle was going to say or do to me when I get home. I really don't want to deal with his yelling. As long as he hasn't been drinking, I think I'll be in the clear. For the most part. 

"Well, looking back at the security tapes, it shows that you were provoked, so I'll be suspending you for three days, and you will not participate in Friday's football game." I hear Principal Schumaker tell me, successfully pulling me out of my thoughts. I just nod as I fidget with my hands, waiting for him to dismiss me, so I can go back to my classes before my suspension officially starts. At least I get out of football practice.

"You are dismissed. Tell Mr. Baughman and Mr. Duncan to join me in my office." I nod again and get up. Grabbing my bag, I head out of the principal's office and look at Nick and Ryan, nodding my head towards the door. I didn't want to speak to them, as petty as that must sound.

They get up and I leave to go to my next class. I hope to god they get a week's suspension and add a few detentions to top it off, but that was just wishful thinking. 

I get to my next class late and everyone stares at me as I walk to my seat. I'm not sure if everyone already knew about the fight I was in or it was just the fact I was late and it was a natural reaction to why they were staring at me. Either way, I felt embarrassed. 

When school eventually ended, I made my way back home, mentally preparing myself for the earful I was bound to get. As I got closer to my house, an eerie silence overwhelmed me. They were always fighting when I got home. God, this can't be good.

I open the door and there, standing in the doorway, was my uncle with his arms crossed over his chest, glaring at me. "The school called me," He started, his voice gruff and angry, "You've been suspended."

Yeah, no shit sherlock.

"How could you get suspended!?" He then yelled. "I do all the work in this house! Pay for your education and you get suspended!? You ungrateful brat! You would be on the streets if it weren't for me! And this is how you thank me?"

I roll my eyes and push past him to go to my room

"Get your ass back over here! We're not done talking!" My uncle yelled after me, which I ignored. I didn't want to deal with him.

I rush into my room and lock the door behind me. My uncle bangs his fist on the door, shouting profanities, how he'll break the door down, and whatnot. I just drown him out. Sitting at my desk and logging into my PC. I slip on my headphones and click on my playlist, effectively ignoring all my uncles screaming and yelling.

I grabbed Alek's notebook from my bag and look over it. The front cover was bent a bit and some pages were ripped. That pissed me off. Alek would surely kill me.

I sigh and grab the tape from one of my desk drawers and begin taping the ripped pages back together. Alek will probably still kill me but at least it's fixed. For the most part.

I lean back in my chair, just skimming over the pages. I smiled to myself, feeling actually pretty calm despite the banging at my door. My uncle will probably stop in a few minutes since I'm not listening to him. He'll go out to the bar or something and bitch about me to someone who couldn't give two shits.


The days pass by and I basically haven't left my room. Only when my uncle goes to work so I can sneak some food into my room. My aunt hasn't talked to me at all about the suspension, but then again, she hardly ever talks to me unless it's a question about school or if I need anything.

I laid in my bed, listening to the quietness of the house. I'm so glad my uncle decided to take a longer night shift. Guess he didn't want to deal with me, or his wife anymore. 

As I stared up at the ceiling, I heard a knock on my window. I sit up, questioning who the hell is knocking on my window and how they even got up to my window. I get off my bed and walk over to my window and to my surprise, low and behold, it was Alek.

I open up my window and step to the side, letting him crawl into my room, "What are you doing? You didn't even text," I say, really confused but glad he was here. I haven't been able to feel his radiating wintery sensation for two days so, I'm glad he was here. Though, I would never tell him that.

"Oh, yeah. Kinda slipped my mind," He said, giving me an awkward smile as he set his book bag on my bed. "I grabbed your homework for you. Your teachers should've emailed you what they're doing in class." He explained, rummaging through his bag and pulling out a folder, and handing it to me.

I take the folder from his hands and toss it onto my desk. "And, why did you think it would be such a good idea to sneak into my room at 10 o'clock just to give me my homework?" I ask, sitting down on my bed, next to Alek's bag. I wanted to be closer to him. To feel his wintery presence wash through me.

Alek shrugged. "Needed to get out of the house. It's too loud."

"And you thought my house would be any better? Remember last time you were here?" I ask, wonder what his reasoning was.

"I didn't hear any yelling the closer I got to your house." He says, nonchalantly. As if that's a perfect reason.

"Yeah, okay" I lay back on my bed and stare back up at my ceiling. "Sorry about your book. It kinda got beat up." I tell him. He should know. Even if he'll get mad at me over it. It was his dream journal, he trusted me to keep it safe, and I basically failed him.

"It's okay," He starts and I sit up immediately, looking over at Alek leaning against my desk. I'm shocked. I was sure he would be upset about it. "It was bound to get a little damaged when I gave it to you. That's why I gave you my least favorite and less embarrassing one." He answered, looking down at the Journal which was laying on my desk, and then looked back at me. His blue eyes glistening in the light of my room.

I was speechless for a moment and then I smiled. "You should let me read one of your more embarrassing dream journals."

"No! Not going to happen!" He said immediately after I suggested the idea. "That is the worst idea ever!"

I laugh, "Alright, alright. I was just teasing you. Don't get all worked up," I say, trying to calm him down. His wintery sensation felt a little off but in a good way. Like there weren't any clouds in the sky and the sun was shining down on icicles, making them melt a bit. It was nice.

"Do you wanna spend the night?" I ask, "It's pretty late out and my uncle probably wont be home till 8 am" Quickly coming up with a reason to explain why I asked.

"Sure," He smiles brightly and I feel myself melt inside, "I need a break from my place anyways."

"Cool, cool." I feel so awkward and embarrassed, not quite sure why. Not like I haven't had anyone sleep over before. This just felt different for some reason.

I get up and walk over to one of my dressers. I hand Alek some of my clothes for him to sleep in and give him directions to the bathroom. He thanks me before leaving and I create a makeshift bed of blankets and pillows next to my bed. I turn off the lights and climb into my bed, staring at the wall.

I listen to Alek walk back into my room, quietly closing the door, and I'm assuming laying down on the makeshift bed I made for him. I wasn't tired so I just stared at the wall until I felt Alek's wintery sensation amplify. It was like my room had turned into that winter forest. The trees in rows, bare branches holding the snow in place as it lightly snows, the wind barely moving.

I roll over and look down at the ground where Alek was sleeping. I smile. He always made me feel better. Better with being myself. Better at controlling my anger.

"Why do you make me feel this way?" I ask, my hushed voice filling the quiet room. I just hope he's actually asleep and didn't hear me say that. I would have a lot explaining to do and I'd rather not.

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