Chapter Six

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I tap my pencil on my notebook, watching the clock intensely. Waiting for the bell to ring. I can't stand being in the same room as anyone on the football team. Not even Jay, who, oddly enough, ended up taking my side in the whole argument about Alek but, he didn't stand up for me.

Fucking ass.

Nothing went back to normal like it usually did when a locker room fight broke out. Everyone was still on their toes about the whole thing. I'm pretty sure I've been excluded from the football table which, I don't care about. Not like I'm spending my lunch there anyway.

When the bell finally rings, I shove all my stuff in my bag and head straight out of the classroom, ignoring Jay while he tried to call out for me and get me to stay so we could talk about the whole ordeal. I just want to forget it even happened, but I will still knock anyone's teeth in if they dare hurt Alek again.

I get to the library and relax when I see Alek sitting at our usual table. Papers sprawled out, Alek sitting in his usual spot while biting down on his pencil. I walk over and set my bag on the chair I would usually sit in and took a seat next to Alek, soaking up that cool and calming sensation. A winter's dream.

"Give me your number," I say, well, more like demanded.

Alek looks at me with a shocked expression, the pencil in his mouth loosely hanging there. He blinked. Once, twice, three times before I scowl at him. Not wanting to wait any longer

"Uh, sure," He says as he scrambles to find a blank sheet of paper and quickly scratched his number onto it, using the pencil that was between his lips just moments ago. When he finishes, he hands me the paper and I take it, looking over it before getting my phone out and adding him to my contacts as Loser Boy Alek. 

I send him a quick text, saying that it was Walter, before putting my phone back in the pocket of my letterman jacket. "So, are you in advance classes? You're not in any of my classes," I say, hoping that sparks some kind of conversation. I wanted to get to know Alek more. I wanted to know the boy behind the loser. Plus, I already ruined whatever popularity status I had so, why the hell not?

"Oh, um, yeah. Though, I'm not good at math. I'm in bridges." He answered, his voice making it sound like he was uncertain. I shrugged it off, thinking that he thought it was weird I was taking an interest in him. 

I nod, not knowing how to keep the conversation rolling. I was never one to take part in small talk. Any conversation I was apart of, I was quickly pushed to the side or ignored. This is so new to me.

"Why did you decide to tutor me?" I ask. It seemed fitting since it wasn't like I was paying him. He was literally volunteering to put up with me and teach me to be better at English. As strange as his methods are, they actually helped. Well, most of the time. And if I were in his shoes, I would've declined. So, why was he tutoring me?

Alek leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms, closing his eyes. I waited for an answer. I wasn't as demanding as I was when I told him to give me his number, but I was still anxious to hear his answer.

I lean closer to him, anticipating him to answer the question. He opened his eyes and our gazes met. His eye was less swollen but still bruised, and that cut didn't look like it would go away for another week or two. I wanted so badly to just run my thumb across it but I restrained myself. Besides, I shouldn't want to do that.

He shrugged and uncrossed his arms. "I don't know," He sighed, tearing his gaze away from mine and looking down at his papers, "Guess I didn't want to spend my lunches alone anymore." He answered.

I frown, that wasn't the answer I was looking for but I should've expected it. I don't know how long Alek has put up with all this bullying. I don't know what he truly is like besides the fact that he's the embodiment of winter and makes me feel at peace.

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