Chapter Two

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I walked into my next class and sat down at my desk, resting my head in my hands. That tutor session was definitely not helpful. Nothing Alek said made any sense to me, not to mention I'm pretty sure I blanked a few times while he was trying to explain what I was doing wrong and a few tips and tricks I could use. But damn, that sensation that overwhelmed me when he got close to me. That was really something. Nothing like that had ever happened before. Was that just his cologne? Well, actually, I'm pretty sure he would actually wear perfume.

Though, it made me feel calmer. Like, I was pretty pissed at him and the whole situation, and when he got closer to me, it was like all that frustration just disappeared for a few seconds. It was extremely strange.

I sat in my seat, my head still resting in my hands for two or three more minutes before someone thought it would be a fantastic idea to drop their books on the desk next to mine, scaring the ever-living shit out of me.

"What the fuck?" I ask, pissed at whoever thought doing that was a good idea. I look up and see Nick with a stupid grin on his face. He sits down next to me and leans back in his chair.

"So, I  heard you have a tutor now. How's that going for you? Is she hot?"  Nick asked, getting way too close for comfort.

I roll my eyes and push him away from me. "It's annoying and my tutor is a guy, you dumbass," I answer him

"Oh, that sucks," Nick said as he put some of his textbooks in his bag. "Was really rooting for you to get that smart chick, Jessica, as a tutor."

"Shut up," I roll my eyes, "I don't care as long as I can pass English and not get benched"

"Man, you're no fun. Could you try and just loosen up? You're always so uptight and pissed off all the time." Nick says as he rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, well, my mind isn't always in the gutter like yours and Ryans" I glare at him and he throws his hands up in the air as if he's surrendering.

"Caught me there." Nick chuckles "Anyways, so who is your tutor?" He asked

"Some loser named Alek. He's really fucking weird." I answered

"No way! You have that weirdo as your tutor?" Nick laughed

"What's this I hear about you have Alek as your tutor?"

I look to who asked that and see Matt with his body turned to face me and Nick, joining the conversation.

"Isn't Alek that kid that always spaces out? He freaks me out." Matt commented, trying to add to the conversation.

"I know! Right? Plus he never fights back when he gets picked on. Instead, he just looks off in the distance as if he's watching a ghost. So weird" Nick said. Now I felt like I was just being excluded from the conversation at hand even though Alek is my tutor.

"His eyes seem to just glaze over. Almost like he's dead! God, it creeps me the fuck out. I feel sorry for you Walt" Matt said with a slight chuckle

I glare at him. "Don't call me Walt," I warn

Matt just rolls his eyes and turns back to Nick as if I don't matter to the conversation anymore. Fucking jackass.

"I totally agree with you there, Matt. Honestly, the way he acts pisses me off. So annoying" Nick groans as he crosses his arms.

"He's just a loser. I don't think he'll get anywhere in life with the way he acts. Who the hell wants to hire someone that just spaces out all the time? I didn't even think he was smart enough to tutor someone." Matt said a little shocked and I got slightly pissed. I wasn't mad that they were talking shit about Alek, at least, I don't think I was. 

I just try to push it to the side. I was no longer important to the conversation at hand, so I did my best to block the two of them out and just let my mind wander off but of course, that lead me to think about that cool and calming sensation I felt when Alek was near me. Why? Why did I feel that way around him? I'm always pissed off for one reason or another. Why did I start feeling calm around Alek? It just doesn't make any sense.

I'm snapped out of my thoughts when Nick calls my name. "What?" I ask, a little frustrated that I was pulled away from my thoughts.

"I was asking if you noticed Alek's strange habits. You know, spacing out and all." Nick said, explaining it as if I was dumb. Pissed me off.

"Yeah, I guess." I answered, "He was looking off in the distance most of the time, and I had to constantly get his attention so he would help me. Not to mention the way he explained certain things felt like a cryptic message." I explain, trying to keep my voice from sounding all pissed off. "But there's something about him," I said, not letting my brain think before I speak.

"Like what?" Nick and Matt both ask.

I bite my tongue, realizing what I had just said. I just shrugged, trying to play it off. "I don't know. He's definitely a loser if I've ever seen one." I said, hoping that would be enough to satisfy their curiosity and leave me alone.

They both nod and go back to shit-talking about Alek. God, they're almost like girls when sharing gossip. Really fucking annoying if you ask me.

"Alright. Listen up, everyone!" Mrs. Littleton shouted as she entered the classroom. About time. Really thought she would just skip. Wouldn't be the first time.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. It felt like after the whole experience with Alek I was on autopilot the rest of the day, up until football practice started. That's when the entire football team started getting on my nerves.

"So, Walts got that loser boy as his tutor. That must really suck." Ryan laughed.

I roll my eyes and throw a shirt at him. "Laugh it up," I growl as I get my pads on and put my practice jersey over them, "And don't call me Walt," I warn, but I highly doubt they ever listen to what I say.

"Common Walter. Just lighten up a bit will ya?" Jay said, giving me a sympathetic smile or, at least I think it was a sympathetic smile. I can't really tell emotions from facial expressions that much. Emotions aren't really my thing. I'll leave that to the therapists and empaths of the world.

I just roll my eyes, tying my cleats up in a double knot so they don't come undone when training. "How about you stop shit-talking about me having a loser as a tutor. Unless you want Peter as a running back, be grateful I'm getting help." I glare, not in the mood for any of this shit.

"Hey!" I hear Peter shout from the other side of the locker room and I smile a bit.

"It would be better if you weren't failing but I digress," Jaxson says as he walks over to where Jay and I are standing. I just roll my eyes.

"Yeah, you tell him, captain" I hear Ryan laugh from behind Jaxson, and I just sigh angrily. It pisses me off that I'm failing English, one of the easiest subjects, as it is. I really don't want anyone's input about it. Especially not Jaxson's. He pisses me off more than anyone else

"Alright! Everyone on the field! Save the chit-chat for after practice!" Coach yells at all of us, probably tired of us taking too long to get on the field.

"YES, COACH!" We all yell back and hurry out of the locker room.

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