My boyfriend ~Part 2~

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My boyfriend's name is Kyle. You might think he's sweet and caring, but he's not. I actually wish I never met him. When I take my make up of, everyone can notice scars and a black eye he gave me. I have scars all over my body, thanks to him. He is twenty years old and has a habit of getting drunk. Whenever he gets drunk, he just walks in our house and breaks stuff, beats me for things I never did.

If Tea's in the house with me, he would only shout at me, calling me worthless and stuff like that. I think it's because she's a bit  stronger than him, or she just had the talk  with him. Some of you are asking yourself stuff like: "Why doesn't she just break up with him?"

The truth is, I tried to, but whenever I say something about the break up, he starts beating me again. I think I am just going to stay at mine and Tea's place from now on...

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