Pranks and salads ~Part 8~

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It was late in the evening, so I decided to come home from this long walk I was in. As I started my way back home, I put some music to play. I put my phone on shuffle and the first song that came on was English Love Affair by 5SOS. I listened to it, noticing that I'm still a fangirl, even thought the boys are in my house for four days already. I turned the music of as I walked in the house.
"I dedicate this song to you,
The one who never sees the truth
That I could
Take away your hurt,
Heartbreak girl"
I heard the boys singing the finishing lines of Heartbreak Girl from the kitchen. I kicked my shoes of and walked in the kitchen. All of the lights were off and I couldn't see anything. Weird. I was pretty sure their singing was coming from here. I was just about to turn around, when I heard the door close, and lock. Ok, this is getting really weird. I turned around, and because I couldn't see anything, I tried to feel my way through the room. So this is the couch, which means I have like 5 more metres to get to the kitchen. I suddenly slipped. I think I stepped on something. I started touching the floor where I fell, searching for whatever made me fall. My hand stopped on something that felt like.... A banana peel? Calum I'm gonna kill you for this! I picked it up and managed to throw it in trash. I opened the fridge and was I just picked up the salad when I felt a pair of hands wrap around me. I threw salad backwards, hoping to hit the person in the head. In the same time I turned around, and tried to kick him/her between their legs. According to a scream, I managed. I swear to God, Luke is the only one on this planet that screams like that. The lights turned on, and standing in front of me was Luke, while Tea and the rest of the boys were sitting at the kitchen table.
"Fuck, Luke, I'm sorry! I didn't know that salad can cause so much damage!" I said to him after I saw his nose was bleeding really badly.
"We thought you'd be more scared than that! And don't swear, it ain't nice!" Ashton giggles as I grab Luke by the hand and lead him into the bathroom to fix his nose.

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