Popcorn and video games~Part 10~

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We were just sitting in the living room on our phones. Well, most of us. Tea and Calum were still upstairs, probably resting.
"Guys, I'm bored." Says Michael. Dammit, this is like the 50th time he said that in the last five minutes.
"Let's watch a movie." Ashton said from my left.
"Yeah, I'll make us some popcorn." I said and went to the kitchen. I tried to get the popcorn from the top shelf and of course I couldn't reach it. Luke came in the kitchen and started getting drinks from the fridge, paying zero attention to my jumping.
"Luke. Can you reach the popcorn?" I asked him.
"Yes." He looked over at me and laughed at me. He lazily walked over. He reached out his hand and got the popcorn, without even having to stretch out or get on his tiptoes! I put the popcorn in the microwave and set it on three minutes. Luke got some coke from the fridge and grabbed two cups from the cupboard.
"Wanna go upstairs and play some video games?" I asked him.
"You play video games?" He asked suprised. I nodded. "Let's do it then!" He yelled and ran upstairs with the coke and the cups while I stayed and waited for the popcorn to finish. The microwave suddenly rang, causing me to jump. I took the popcorn nd went upstairs in my room, just to be greeted by Luke fucking Hemmings sitting on my bed and setting up the tv in my room so we can play video games. I sat down mext to him. Shit! Those two were fucking on this bed! Eww!
I instantly threw myself on the floor with a disgusted face. Luke giggled at me.
"What happened?"
"Sex. On this bed. My bed. In this room. My room. Calum. Tea." I muttered, looking up at him. He rolled his eyes, smiled and got up. He walked over to me, picked me up by my waist and threw me back on the bed. I glared at him. He smirked cockily at me and I started laughing. So much about being serious. He grabbed the controlers, sat next to me and handed me one.
"How about Mario Cart?" He asked.
----time passed 'cuz I can-----
"You won! Again! Seventh time already!" He yelled tossing his controler on the bed and layed down. I laughed and layed down beside him. He smells kind of like mint. I like mint. As time passed, I dozed off.

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