Tears, fans and fights~Part 11~

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Luke's P.O.V
I walked downstairs slowly, not wanting to wake anyone up. I walk downstairs and see that Tea is already up. As much as I can tell, she's making breakfast for herself. A fruit salad.
"Good morning." I say.
"Good morning Mr. Hemmings." She laughs.

Well I'm not that old." I put my hand on my heart and act offended.
"Oh, sowy baby Hemmings." She laughs again and this time I laugh with her.
"Uhm.. I need to ask you something." I start and she looks up at me. Damn these girls are short. I take a deep breath.
"I really like Maria but I don't want to fuck everything up by rushing things." I say in one breath.
"I know she likes you too... but if I was you, I would get to know her better. And remember: you break her heart, I break your neck." She winked at me. I smile and nod.
"Good morning guys" Maria smiles from the door. She wore one of my band t-shirts and her shorts. Her hair was up and I could clearly see her bruises were fading away.
"Good morning." We greeted her. She came over to me and hugged me, and I caught a glimpse of something red on her wrists. It wasn't the bracelets she usually wore. I hugged her back.
"Tea, can you give us a moment? Please." I told her.
"Sure" She said and left the room with her salad.
"What is it?" Maria asked me. I just grabbed her hand and lead her to the couch. I sat down and put her to sit on my lap so that she was facing me. I took her left wrist in my hands.
"Why?" I demanded, my voice cracking.
"I have my reasons." She said simply, looking down.
"Will you stop? For me?" I looked at her. My vision was starting to get blurry.
"I... I can try. But I'm not gonna promise you anything." She hugged me and I hugged her back.
"Wanna go get icecream?" I asked, taking in her scent.
"Yeah, sure. Let me just go get changed." I let go off her and she runs up the stairs.
I get up and run my fingers through my hair. I didn't think a week of living with a fan would change my life so much. Like I have been here for 4 days and I am already starting to get feelings for her.
We ended up sitting inside the caffee even after we finished eating the icecreams we bought. I noticed a girl walking towards us but brushed it off, thinking she might be looking for a table.
"So are you guys doing well with the recording you've been doing recently?" She asks, smiling at me.
"Yeah, we wrote a bunch of new songs. I can't wait for you to hear them!" I excitedly respond.
"So you will tell a stupid bitch like her, but you won't tell us." So she wasn't looking for a table after all.
"Don't talk about her like that. She is not stupid and she is not a bitch. We don't call you guys our family so you could insult us and our friends. Come on Maria, let's go." I took her by the arm and walked out. We got in the car and I drove us home in silence.

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